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Kishida announces more sanctions against Russia


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While SUNCTION may cause some financial harm but it will NOT stop Russia, it did not in 2008, it did not in 2014, and it will not in 2022.

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We need peace. thats all

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Having clearly had long term plans to invade Ukraine, I'd suggest that Russia has considered the impact of any sanctions that might be made - including the removal of SWIFT.

What is needed right now is SWIFT military action to force the Russian troops back.

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Earth to Biden and Kishida- Putin doesn't care.

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American puppet. Or Muppet.

14000 civilians have been murdered in Donbass by UKraine military/far right militias. Russia is the only country to do anything. Where was Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN, EU???

(imagine if Tokyo started attacking indigenous Okinawans because they don’t like bases.)

western Mass Media doesn’t report facts. UK/Germany are about to ban RT News.

kishida is definitely being pushed by both USA and the far right Japanese ultranationalists who still can’t get over the Kururi Islands. Russia has cheap oil and gas, but we buy expensive resources from Saudi and the Gulf region. Other side of the world, like Ukraine. Russia is our neighbor. We should be friends.

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I'm sure Putin is trembling at the prospect of working Russians being even more miserable.

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Who cares

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Before Putin invaded Ukraine, he considered all possible coming sanctions. He expected already the toughest sanction ever.

But even so, he invaded Ukraine.

Sanctions will not stop this insane murder.

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Do you really think this is about Donbass? Putin was demanding no NATO for Ukraine, and then invaded because no one was willing to meet his demand. This Donbass thing (no matter how bad it may be) is just his excuse for the invasion.

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I never thought in my lifetime an independent country would be invaded. Nor did I expect such pathetic response from its partners. I certainly have no wish for a world war. To be honest the only I see/ solution against such blatant aggression is a unified military push back by NATO. Send in Britain, France Poland ,Italy, Germany, USA. As “peace Keepers” It’s obvious do nothing and whats the point of treaties if when push comes to shove. I was hoping we as humans had settled down for the greater good, sadly a single nutcase can dehindge generations of progress with personal dreams of immortality.

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The only real sanction that would have a little effect it to ban their oil from markets. With saudis, iran and Russia supplying oil to China the price they can sell it to the Chinese. Ultimately it will be the opposite effect of ww2. Oil glut in those countries will plummet, they will have no place to sell it. Conversely, the rest of the world will experience high oil prices, a cheap price to avoid ww3.

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The problem with any type of "boots on the ground" solution is it will escalate. Then there are the nuclear weapons that Russia would use if they start taking horrific losses. This is why no one wants to hvae NATO just roll in right now.

Personally, I think the only thing Putin understands is brute force. And he knew with a weakened US president he would have zero issues. Now, if Nordstream 2 had been disapproved earlier, then we might not be in this pickle.

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Additionally, Russia has a majority of its forces in the Ukraine. It would be an opportune time to take over Cuba and attack Moscow.

With Russia mired in the Ukraine we could eliminate the Communist government and quickly initiate free elections. This would take cooperation of the whole world including the middle east.

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Japan's effort to prevent further escalation ?

Not accurate !

Japan is helping to further escalate the situation with Russia.

Not demanding the evacuation of Japanese nationals in Ukraine weeks ago and now imposing more sanctions on Russia is a recipe for disaster for Japan's economy ,national security and territorial disputes.

Expect a cyber attack to reach Japan at any moment and Taiwan to be taken back by China.

North Korea a loose cannon ready to join the fight.

Putin he's not fooling around.

Don't forget how close Russia is to Japan and the USA.

China and Russia are sick of this silly sanctions game !

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CrickyToday 10:57 am JST

I never thought in my lifetime an independent country would be invaded.

So you weren't alive in 2003 then? Are you 18? I've had 5 decades on this planet and seen plenty of invasions, of various descriptions.

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Japan is helping to further escalate the situation with Russia.

Exactly. Go back to the negotiating table and guarantee that Ukraine will not be a part of NATO.

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Go back to the negotiating table and guarantee that Ukraine will not be a part of NATO.

Independent nations are free to enter into collective defense pacts. Several other nations that border Russia are in NATO - Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - and like Ukraine, NONE have ever threatened Russia.

This is not about Russia being threatened. It is all about a desperate power grab by a totalitarian nation led by a tyrant.

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Putin doesn’t care about the sanctions. He got that covered when he made arrangements with China. The weak action of the West will further embolden him to invade Israel for a spoil. While his hands are full in Syria, his eyes are already set on Israel. Europe will start buying oil from Israel through its EastMed pipeline competing with Putin’s Nordstream 1 and 2. We are seeing the setting up for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 and Isaiah 17.

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US leader has no plan for anything at all, let alone Russia.

He only knows the word 'sanction'.

Any situation pops up, he quickly reacts by murmuring the god-forsaken word.

Now Japan leader follows suit obediently, sticking to the same word

without knowing its true meaning and implication..

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Mr. Putin may have bit off more than he can chew. There are already anti-war demonstrations within Russia. There is no appetite within Russia for casualties. The Ukraine military today is not the Ukraine military of 2014. They are better trained and equipped. Their society too is more unified against the Russians. This has the makings of a bloody stalemate for the Russians and that is something that could bring Mr. Putin's brittle leadership of Russia to an end. This is just the first day. This war will unfold over a period of many many months and probably years. The west will certainly send more arms to Ukrainian forces as the war progresses. If the Russians get bogged down by effective Ukrainian resistance I think it could be Mr. Putin's undoing. And this Russian attack will probably drive both Sweden and Finland to join NATO, putting US and other NATO forces right on the Russian border, the exact thing Russia fears most.

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Open the spigots and let the oil flow from all over so oil tanks to $20/bbl. That'll get Putin's attention.

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Say "Sayonara" to the Kurile islands, the Russians will never negotiate to return any islands to Japan or even let Japanese step foot on those soils!

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There is only one solution for a madman at war. Everyone joining together and beat him at his own game. Push Russia back to its own borders and free the conquered territories with collective military force. He will not stop until he is opposed by more than sanctions. Sanctions show he is free to do as he wants and nobody will help his victims.

The only solution for war is to fight it and win.

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Russia may win this war, but it will be a pyrrhic victory. The cost to the economy and international relations will easily outweigh any benefit from this conflict.

Vladimir Putin has frequently talked about demographic challenges being the biggest issue facing his country. Tanking the economy, which will happen, through sanctions is one sure way to suppress any birthrate.

Russian share market went down by a third overnight.

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Russia may win this war, but it will be a pyrrhic victory.The cost to the economy and international relations will easily outweigh any benefit from this conflict.

That outcome is also still unknown. So it all is still open end and depends… If that big moving war machinery rolls further, let’s say for example to Portugal, then he has gained the customers for his pipelines, all the western technology and intellectual capabilities in Central and Western Europe and of course also any banks or bank systems that are available there, all becoming inner-Russian at his access and availability. And that situation could already occur quickly, in a very few weeks or so, of course assumed if all involved in the war strictly exclude any nuclear options by self-constraints and keep it conventional. Those atomic weapons are hopefully in consensus a no go for everyone on this already damaged planet.

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I think it is without doubt, that if Ukraine was a member of NATO already, there would be troops from all NATO military and its allies in there. Unfortunately, not being a part of NATO, binds the world to only allowing for sanctions to be put in place. Now, if Putin decides to also invade say Lithuania, then all gloves are off and NATO can go in guns-a-blazing. The world is trying to play by the rules. Unfortunately, Putin is not and is instead being the insane mad dictator he is.

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A few meaningless sanctions just to show solidarity but I'm sure they could have put a few more in the list than these pity measures? If you read it carefully you'll notice that they conveniently forgot to include the oil

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Kishida obeys to his US master and just announces that more taxes and inflation is coming.

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Please do not post in bold face.

People that are complaining about sanctions, are you suggesting that US, Europe and Japan should be sending in troops? I don’t really get the criticism over sanctions.

Are sanctions enough to stop putin? No

Are they enough to polarize Russia from the world, impact their economy and cause civil unrest? Probably long term. That is what countries are banking on. Escalating a violent war and dragging many countries into it does not seem like the best choice.

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Breaking News: Russia knew that sanctions were coming and prepared accordingly, Putin doesn't care at all, he is just probably laughing at the cowardice of the west and giving tips to Xi on how to take Taiwan.

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Funny thing is Russia is part of the UN, WHO, IMF, WTO, the world bank and APEC etc. Lol. These sanctions means nothing. Not to mention these nations still need Russia cooperation on climate change.

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Japan has no choice,

the country has not had a foreign policy since 1945, Japan is not a sovereign country.

Not for nothing Japan is a spy's paradise,

Yes, Japan is a country screwed-up by USA and now even by China.

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Taiwan announces sanctions against Russia


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Does this mean no more crab or the sushi chains in Japan?

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While SUNCTION may cause some financial harm but it will NOT stop Russia, it did not in 2008, it did not in 2014, and it will not in 2022.

Definitively not the same level of sanctions. But i guess you didn't care reading and comparing in detail before posting.

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The new package of sanctions include export controls on high-tech products such as semiconductors, a freeze on assets held by Russian banks, and a suspension of visa issuance for certain Russian individuals and entities.

What a joke.

semiconductors, when Japan itself is suffering from acute semiconductor shortage.

who is Kishida trying to deceive here.

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The Russians can get everything from China!

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GOOD! I’m glad Kishida is finally doing more. Let’s go even harder. Show them Japan is not only willing to go along with the US and Allies, but even lead.

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Aside from sanctions,PM Kishida should coordinate with the USA, GB and Australia to help Ukraine by liberating the Northern Territories.

Russia’s forces will then be forced to fight in two fronts.

Fumio will not only get the NT back but also help Kiev defeat Moscow!

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smithinjapanToday  05:56 pm JST

GOOD! I’m glad Kishida is finally doing more. Let’s go even harder. Show them Japan is not only willing to go along with the US and Allies, but even lead.

You would be claiming those 2 states in Ukraine are Russians in today next year.

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95% of Japanese can’t find Ukraine on a map, know where Crimea is, or Donbass. But we jolly go off to war.

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Germany refuse to bar Russia from SWIFT.

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It's all the free-world's leaders can do at the moment, to keep on imploring the pernicious Putin to stop his blood-curdling activities, from which I'm sure he derives an extremely perverse pleasure due to his vicious and sadistic tendencies.

Now I'm not a big fan of the UN, who's silence in the few weeks leading up to the war was deafening, but I had to admire Antonio Guterres' heartfelt plea directly to Putin to "Stop this Madness".

Although this had no effect on the psychotic Putin, (but then again, neither have any of the world's sanctions), it would be best if Gutteres demanded the appearance of the Russian Ambassador to the UN in front of the Security Council this afternoon in New York, to answer questions on behalf of his master as to why the invasion was carried out on the basis of one of Putin's lies, namely a 'peacekeeping force', which has now turned into a full-scale occupation and cleansing-force, apparently to carry out the 'de-Nazification' of Ukraine. This repulsive comment clearly illustrated how unhinged Putin has quickly become.

Then he should demand his appearance in front of the Security Council again tomorrow, and the next-day etc.... ,demanding answers on why Putin isn't stopping this ruthless terrorism against an innocent population, and spelling out to him what the implications are of Putin's new status as a War Criminal who will be arrested the moment he next lands in a free and democratic country, from where he will be imprisoned at the International Court in The Hague pending trial.

Only by the UN's constant pressure can this eventuality be brought about, the world's leaders can press and demand as much as they like, but sadly this isn't going to make one iota of difference - he's too far gone for listening to platitudes.

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