Suga planning to attend Singapore security forum in June


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I hope he doesn't fall asleep.

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I hope Singapore will make him do a 21-day quarantine. Given the pragmatic leadership there, they will likely do.

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The last time a Japanese premier attended the event was in 2014 when Suga's predecessor, Shinzo Abe, called for rule-based order in the Asian-Pacific region.

Don't worry, Botchan will be back soon, right after Suga is left hung out to dry as the fall guy of this atrocious handling of the pandemic. Of course, this will be after the pandemic has subsided and after Botchan finds another miracle cure for whatever 'ailment' he has.

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He could do us all a favor by staying there indefinitely.

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For what? Can't even do his job in his own country.

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What language will his speech be in?

Michael MachidaToday 08:29 am JST

I hope he doesn't fall asleep.

On topic for sure. Funny Michael.

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Zoom is difficult for over 70 year olds.

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Zoom is difficult for over 70-year-olds.

No, it is not. We have monthly meetings using Line/zoom with many over 70's using it on their Smartphones.

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Mr.Suga, you should know the Chinese sees the disputes between China & Japan or Japan & China was always a historic one instead a recent one! Lacking a sincerely apology for Japan's wartime wrongdoings just doesn't help to solve anything! These forum is like "Talk Soup" that won't achieving any meaningful results!

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This guy is the absolute worst. Like a used tissue.

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Given the pragmatic leadership there, they will likely do.

Singapore and the PAP are only slightly less repressive than China and the CCP.

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