Japan, U.S., 3 others walk out of APEC trade meeting as Russian minister speaks


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Maturity level at its best.

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Like little kids storming off ..... Grow up

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Like kids playing soccer in the park, and the big bully loses, so he takes the ball and walks off cursing. I’m very surprised with NZ though.

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Representatives of five economies including Japan and the United States walked out of a meeting by trade ministers from the Asia-Pacific region on Saturday, the opening day of a two-day conference in Bangkok, in protest against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Japanese officials said.

Boy, one would think there’s no economic, supply and demand, inflation problem with all this news about Ukraines invasion.

Meanwhile in the US, babies and children are beginning to get hospitalized due to lack of formula. The silence of criticism about Joe is not surprising

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Don’t get too upset it’s just a show of unity not as dramatic as others may see it. But as it’s a show against them (Russians) I get that their feelings are hurt. After all attacking your neighbour is totally acceptable. That’s why Canada and Mexico are moving troops to their borders.

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Ministers from Japan, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand exited the room when Maksim Reshetnikov, Russia's economic development minister, started delivering his remarks during a morning session

Since Russia is basically being boycotted on trade by those nations, it would have been a waste of their time to listen to anything the Russian trade minister had to say. A much better use of their time to get together for a side meeting while the APEC forum was wasting its time with Russia. Or even to get in nine holes of golf would have at least given them a little exercise.

Russia is winning and the Corrupt Nazis in Ukraine are going to loose.

Your thinking about a war that ended 77 years ago. No Nazi's in Ukraine to lose anything. But the Nazi's in Russia will lose in the end. Just as their representative at the APEC meeting was ignored.

Anyone expecting "business as usual" after Russia invaded a peaceful country and committed countless war crimes and atrocities is dreaming. Thats was never going to happen.

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They’re still going to want to know what the minister said.

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So, the majority remained to listen to the Russian minister.

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The reason why they refuse to listen is because if they stayed, it would represent to the world that they accepted Russia as a trade partner. This isn't good. Because Russia aim is to try to normalized relation and have people ignore the war. Continue business as if nothing happen. That is kinda messed up. One moment you are bombing cities and the next moment you are cheerfully trying to promote free trades with other countries.

By attacking Ukraine, Russia literally put dozens countries into a food crisis and created the rise in living cost. And then they still have the nerve to come and try to promote free trade and economic cooperation. And this is after all causing the larges refugees crisis in EU, a energy crisis and even threatening nuclear war. You have to be very shameless to still willing to go to APEC and act like nothing is wrong.

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Lets see, lets face it. Think the answer will be quite obvious. If USA did not exit, will the three other countries have exited?

I mean, if you really believe in your thoughts/ideas/convictions, and most importantly, your principles. You will do it, even if its just you, alone, without anyone next to you?


So, do not pretend.

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The Azov Battalion is a real extremist group.

Russia made that Battalion national hero's and the Russian regime are the extremists. Everyone knows that.

But this is about trade and APEC. This is going to be the new normal for Russian trade. People getting up and leaving the room when Russia speaks. They brought it all upon themselves.

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Mr Kipling, I am honestly disappointed and surprised, while I don’t always agree with you I had thought you at least intellectually honest, but to blindly support an oppressive regime that has invaded a non threatening neighbour does not seem consistent with your previously expressed views. Even if Poo tins claims of naziism etc were true that does not in any way justify invading a sovereign neighbour and even less the atrocious war crimes they have perpetrated.

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C in T, I am afraid your stale and hackneyed propaganda claims have been long since refuted and shown to be just that. The Azov brigade as originally formed undoubtedly had some extremist members but as has been shown they have long since left and any left were removed once it was incorporated in to the Ukrainian armed forces, it is now constituted of all peoples, Tarter, Ukrainian and even Russian.

By all means continue to spew Poo tins propaganda, just don’t expect any rational person to believe it.

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Always interesting to hear people go of about nazis in Ukraine. Even if there was a few nazis, like there is in any country, don't you think it's weird the country that is undoubtedly the closest to fascism and nazism in Europe to be the country to go in and fix that? doesn't come of as a little weird to you?

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LoL according to the comments here, attacking another country is "mature".

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OKuniyoshiToday 07:00 pm JST

Lets see, lets face it. Think the answer will be quite obvious. If USA did not exit, will the three other countries have exited?

To answer your question.

I think that New Zealand would have exited the speech.

There is a country that has consistently stood up for its principles. ( Frech nuclear tests in te Pacific for and the banning of US nuclear armed naval ship visits as examples)

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Drama queens and they think they are doing humanity good.

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