Kishida cabinet's support rate nearly flat at 56%: poll


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His Covid policy needs to be scrutinized by unbiased third party advisors; according to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins, new cases of Covid diagnosed in Japan exceeded the number of new cases in the USA, 96,000 in Japan compared to 91,000 in the USA.

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“Flat” is definitely a very good adjective.

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Support rate ?

Needs scaffolding !

Nearly flat yes it appears you have a slow leak puncture .

This is the shortest article ive ever read at JT.

Lets have a nice young Japanese woman as the next Prime Minister .

Someone with better skills.

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It's pretty remarkable how in a free country, the population can elect the same single party decade after decade after decade for roughly 80 years with almost no interruption. 

I guess it can be explained in various ways. One view often voiced is that Japanese people are timid. But another view might be that most Japanese view elected national politicians as largely irrelevant. There are other ways to change things. I recall taking part in two protests with residents of the apartment complex I lived in. One to prevent a factory from being built adjacent to the apartment buildings, the other to prevent a children's play area from being closed. Both protests were successful and no elected politicians were involved.

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Go Kisshi Sama!!

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two-day telephone survey

Is this landline?

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Is this landline?

Based on the recent election results, landline users aka people who reaped the benefits of the bubble in the 80s the most are the only people who vote and naive enough to believe that LDP is going to "bring Japan back".

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Flat shows that he hasn’t done anything yet….

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It’s a comfortable-enough state of inertia, something Japan does better than any other country at all levels of society. If they wouldn’t resist a genocidal war that turned on them with a fury, why would they care about Kishida.

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56% of 30% odd people bothered to vote that’s a ok, I guess? In a functioning democracy that’s alarming, but it’s Japan so shogani.

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The approval rating for Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's cabinet remained almost unchanged at 56.6 percent, but some of his recent COVID-19 responses drew mixed reactions in a Kyodo News survey released Sunday.

Imagine what the rate would have been without his popular xenophobic covid policy of

banning entry of new foreigners into Japan that was very popular with the nationals.

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As for his plan to ease some border control measures in March, 45.7 percent believe the decision was too early, with 34.9 percent seeing it appropriate and 16.3 percent too late.

As I see it, 51.2 percent are for the easing of border measures compared with 45.7 percent. This is hopefully good news the population is finally realising foreigners aren't the virus-carrying bad guys they've been depicted as for so long.

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There are many Japanese that have given up on the system and have left Japan due the lack of dialogue and the intransigence of the politicians.

They won’t be back…

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I still don’t get how have a legitimate survey with just phone calls in 2022.

put the Poll online and see what you get

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A foreigner in Tokyo. The flaws in the electoral system are well recognized by the population. Doesn't take a foreigner to qualify such.

North American governance is similar, excepting a rather unbalanced and fanatic element supposedly representative of a liberal/conservative divide. To put it plainly, those who own the country govern it.

As for SARSCCoV-2, the typical voices from those who are not native to place, who envision themselves as an oppressed minority, confusing their guest status with the rights of citizenship.

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but meanwhile the Japanese can't be asked to produce a single competent, valid opposition party.

Yes that is the propaganda that LDP have been pushing for many years. Don't forget Japan has a lower house (government) and an upper house. When the lower house wants to make a new law or a change to an existing law they must submit it to the upper house. if the upper house votes it is returned to the lower house where the lower house can veto the upper house ruling and pass the law or not. However as was the case when the opposition party was in power around 2011 the upper house was controlled by an LDP majority and instead of rejecting any bills they let them time out and then it is returned to the lower house and needs to be resubmitted until they actually have a vote on it and this occurred over and over again so the then government never managed to pass anything. Then of course LDP supported news papers reported about how useless the then government was and they continue to reiterate and remind people that it isn't worth voting. LDP performs better when their is low voter turnout and as long as their is less than about 50 percent of people voting per area then they are guaranteed to win due to them have a base voter rate of about 30% so yes the incompetent opposition party is well publicized on purpose.

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empty suit.just one.

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The same folks complaining about Suga are now complaining about Kishida.

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