New S Korean President Yoon says he hopes to meet with Kishida soon


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South Korea's new government has no power. The seats in Congress are still dominated by leftists. There is probably not a single thing he can do on the diplomatic front. As a result, he will also be in the line of fools who only make their own demands to Japan without showing any sincerity to Japan. The only thing he can do is to pursue the left on domestic issues related to Moon Jae-in and comfort women groups.

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Those handshakes are worth about as much as the masks. Once the cameras are off, both are abandoned.

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Yet what is the point of making treaties with the Republic of Korea when they all get canceled?

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It's going to be hard to gain PM Kishida's trust going forward without correcting this issue first and foremost.

There is nothing Yoon can do. Comfort women themselves REJECTED the deal and returned money is in an escrow account addressed to the government of Japan, so only the Japanese government can withdraw it.

Same goes for Forced laborer damages lawsuit case; the supreme court already ruled Japanese companies are exposed to damages claim and individuals can pursue damages claims against Japanese companies and many cases are moving through court system. There is nothing Yoon can do to undo this.

Yoon maybe forced to ignore Japan after realizing Japan won't change until impossible preconditions are met.

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I expect there will a call for more apologies.

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Following a series of ballstick missile lunches by pyoongtang this year and groaning speculation that it could resume nutclear testing .

Lets hope Yoon can really turn things around with the Japan relationship and Kishida.

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Probably a sensible move given the geopolitical climate they live in. In time of need you need friends and allies not pissed off neighbours.

No doubt it will give fat boy apoplexy, but virtually everything does anyway, may be it will give him a stroke? One can only hope.

As to how the new guy turns out, we will have to wait and see. I actually had quite high hopes for his predecessor to begin with; that went down the pan as he comprehensively ballsed everything up that he touched.

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It’s about time cousins finally have a sensible tête à tête…

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I like that one of the first things Yoon said was that he wouldn’t be pandering to the temper tantrums of the angry little man next door.

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Pres. Yoon is undoubtedly aware that the "Permanent and Irreversible" 2015 Comfort Women Agreement was negotiated between SK FM Yun and then FM Kishida. Then unilaterally Moon ripped it up. It's going to be hard to gain PM Kishida's trust going forward without correcting this issue first and foremost.

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Yes start with your neighbors then go further afield

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