U.S., Australia, India foreign ministers to meet in Japan next week


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Just another excuse to wine and dine with the intent to set up a new venue in another country to continue discussions. "Free and open Indo-Pacific?" What the hell does that mean; really? Zoom anyone?

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Will they be doing 2 weeks of quarantine before the meeting? I doubt it.

Just by the very nature of their work, and those accompanying them, they most probably meet a lot of people and are in a high risk of spreading the virus internationally.

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Motegi said Japan’s new Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga may also meet with Pompeo on the sidelines of the talks in his first face-to-face meeting with a top foreign official since taking office. Suga is also expected to meet with the Australian and Indian foreign ministers.

Face-to-face? No thanks.

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"Free and open Indo-Pacific?" What the hell does that mean; really?

Everybody knows except people in one particular country, where they thinks Indo-Pacific is theirs.

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dbsaiyaToday  08:17 am JST

"Free and open Indo-Pacific?" What the hell does that mean

It means that the International Waters in which the South China Sea lies needs to remain International Waters open and free to navigation by all countries. Nobody has a problem with that expect China which has declared the South China Sea as it's own territory and built military bases on artificial islands to enforce that illegal claim. An International Court has already denounced China's claims and it's ridiculous 9-dash line as illegal.

This aggressive territorial grab by China has drawn the nations of the world against it as this article makes clear. Hope that helps.

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Btw, India is overtaking USA for the most SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Goodbye Tokyo, if no quarantine, multiple tests, travel restrictions.

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Bold of them to meet up on China's golden week. Is the timing intentional?

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Will they have to do two weeks quarantine on arrival in Japan and again on their return to their respective countries? Why is this not done by video conference?

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The rule for the rich strikes again, they should be video conferencing,

Guess those private jets need a bit of fly time

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The gang of four!

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