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U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships


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how ... surprising ...

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China already knows Japan and the US are "concerned" about it. Their response is simply "so what are you going to do about it?"

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@ OssanAmerica

China already knows Japan and the US are "concerned" about it. Their response is simply "so what are you going to do about it?" The answer is we are watching and we will continue to roll through the so called China Sea and when it times to take make a statement blow out your missile batteries and blow that sand hill to pieces". China is a dog with a vicious bark and no bite!!

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It will be nice to have a functioning foreign service in America who don't have to consider their leader's personal business interests in that country.

What I'm saying is that Trump's foreign policy was shaped by his own bsuiness needs.

In other words, Trump first, America second.

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"so what are you going to do about it?"

China has to keep guessing.

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Please stay out of Asian problems.

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"U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships"

This headline should have read:

"Japan backs World concern on American ships"

America has made a years long policy of harassing China in the South China Sea and way more, and way more provocative, than China has ever done or been, so far. As pointed out before, Nihon is America's agent in Asia and, as such and as long as Nihon allows itself to be used by America, China will address its beefs with America to Japan as America is now addressing its beefs with Russia by bombing innocent civilians in the Mideast... and neither side, really, gives a hoot about Japan or its People. Not a good place to be, exactly between two blindly and obsessively aggressive monsters...

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wink, blink and nod is what blinken is really saying

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China is a dog with a vicious bark and no bite!!

Even before China had 'modern' technology, there was North Korea. Stopped America literally cold (Marines frozen mostly from neglect and inadequate equipment and poor leadership). At this point, it's probably more accurate to say that China, like the United States, is ALL bite. And in a fight between these two viscous mastiffs (apologies to the canine community), Japan will be the bone. And, compared to America and its incessant Chihuahua like propaganda mill 'bark', China's 'bark' is quite muted but its "Big Stick" is quite obvious...

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What about the concern for Japanese Submarines?

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Japan Forward is owned by a Japanese far-right organization. They admitted that the USA may backstab Japan on this one. Unlike other ultranationalists, they warn of the high possibility of China seizing the Senkaku islands. Very strange!


It is very rare to see Japanese ultranationalists acting clever.

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Even before China had 'modern' technology, there was North Korea. 

Your version of history is incorrect. North Korea during the Korean War had the best equipment the Soviets had including their most advanced versions of the MiG-15 often flown by Soviet Frontal Aviation and Soviet trained PLAAF pilots. The Norks certainly had the best tech at the beginning of the war as their MiG-15s outclassed early western combat jets and would not face a similarly advanced USAF jet until the F-86F arrived in 1953 (earlier F-86 variants remained slower and had less firepower than the MiG). The Norks also had the whole of the PLA fighting in Korea. If you remember at the outset of the war, South Korea had no tanks and no combat aircraft. There were 500 US advisors in the country and no combat formations. The Norks had over 2000 of the best modern Soviet tanks(again they had the advantage in tech) and a large combat air force. After the US engaged in force with the Incheon landings the Norks were all but defeated with US forces right on the border with China when the Chinese entered the war with their own troops, armor and aircraft in vast numbers. They drove US and UN forces back to the 38th parallel where the boundary between North and South Korea was when the war started and a stalemate resulted. Chinese supply lines were stretched as far as they could go under constant attack from USAF bombers and PLA ground units were losing manpower and unable to advance further. It was at this point that Eisenhower was elected, wanted the war over and negotiated an armistice.

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America has made a years long policy of harassing China in the South China Sea and way more, and way more provocative, than China has ever done or been, so far. 

The US has never built man-made islands in the SCS, armed said islands with airfields, aircraft facilities, radars and missiles, claimed the water surrounding these man made objects to be sovereign Chinese territory then started claiming other nation's EEZs as their own. China has done all of this China has swarmed Philippine islands with their own fishing fleet and ran off the Philippinos from their own territory (Scarborough Reef for example). The US has always honored the territorial seas and EEZ of other nations. But unlike you I have sailed the SCS many times and China has never owned or controlled it. It has always been international waters open to any seafaring nation to use. China is trying to take it all for themselves and the US has no obligation to honor that claim. It is blatantly illegal on the part of China. Man made objects, including man made islands, do not have territorial seas surrounding them or territorial airspace above them. They are no different under maritime law than a drilling rig in international waters. You can fly over it. You can sail right next to it and fish all around it and it is perfectly legal to do so regardless of what the Chinese claim. The US pushes back against China is trying to change centuries old maritime law to its benefit and the US is about the only nation with enough muscle to push back effectively. Sorry you don't happen to like it but I think the US has an obligation to do so. The US relies on seaborn commerce and has since it was a British colony. It is not going to surrender its rights as a maritime nation without a fight. You might recall the first wars the US fought were over maritime rights, the two wars with the Barbary Pirates and the War of 1812.

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U.S. backs Japan concerns on China ships


Biggest joke of the DAY...

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