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U.S. envoy says six-party talks on N Korea won't resume


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The battle between N and S Korea has been re-initiated today. Maybe it was an accident, maybe not. Fact is we see both countries shooting rockets at each other.

Its time for me to get my stuff packed heading back to Europe.

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This whole 6 party talk thing is old .

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Forget talking with the North and start taking some action - DO IT dont frig around anymore with them.

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"Forget talking with the North and start taking some action - DO IT dont frig around anymore with them."

Do that and you can kiss half of SKorea goodbye, along with a whole lot of American troops. True, it would mean the end of NK as well, but is it worth it? Personally, I'd rather have all this back and forth talk and no talk than the annihilation of two or more nations. All you guys who act tough and call for the slaughter of a nation from your armchairs really don't know what you're talking about it. War is NOT a preferable option.

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I believe the 6 party talk should take effect immediately. To constantly ignore the communication with DPRK may only result in war. I believe diplomacy would be the better solution - if not, then we can proudly say, we at least tried. I hate seeing more innocent people dying resulting from govts that prefer divide and conquer! China a close ally of DPRK also is strongly encouraging diplomacy. US Govt is concerned about the nuclear situation in DPRK, and isn't able to move on the treaty with Russia as our politicians in DC don't want the treaty agreement.

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Sitting down talking with a bully often produces nothing as per this case with Kim, they have talked and tried to appease this nut case, time for talk is over and sometimes you just need to face the fact, step up get your arse kicked or kick the bullies arse, either way the bullying stops. I would rather die once than die everyday from the threats and living in fear. Pussy footing around does nothing but empower the bully meanwhile he gets stronger and more powerful.

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Why not consider starting the talks again, but only allowing women to do the talking? Much more gentle approach.

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I strongly concur with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao who called on all sides to show "Maximum restraint" and called again for renewed six-nation talks aimed at persuading NK to dismantle its nuclear programs. Wen said those talks involving the two Koreas, China, Russia, Japan and the US aare the best way to insure stability on the peninsula and its denuclearization. For too long the US has imposed sanctions on NK which in fact is considered war. NK is a sovereign nation and has the same rights as any other country IAW international law. SK has come a long way since 1953 and I would hate to see it be destroyed because some fanatics would rather engage in war in lieu of diplomacy to resolve situations. China will not be subservient to any country, but is willing to be involved in communications that possibly may result in peaceful settlements. Our own politicians in DC don't want to agree to a treaty with Russia to reduce nuclear weapons but at the same time advising other countries can't have it.

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