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U.S. envoy to U.N. vows support for families of Japanese abducted by North Korea


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Japan should be very thankful for the timely support

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Japan has always had and will continue to have bipartisan US support. We have never forgotten how they they treated the crew of the USS Pueblo in 1958. Or student Otto Warmbler in 2017.

South Korea has an estimated 1953, about 3,800 people have been abducted by North Korea since the 1953 Armistice and 489 South Koreans were still being held in 2006.

Other nationalities too have been abducted.

"A Thai family's 42-year fight to bring North Korean abductee home"


Other nations include Lebanon, Jordan, Romania, French, Italian, Dutch and Chinese (Hong Kong), Malaysia, Singapore.

"Ahn Myung-ji, a former North Korean agent has declared: « The abductions began in the ‘60s, but it became a serious issue in the mid ‘70s. In 1976, instructions were given that officers were to receive training to enable them to be considered locals during infiltration. The aim was to bring foreigners into North Korea to be indoctrinated. The Japanese were the first target, followed by South Koreans, Arabs, Chinese and Europeans."


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Typo- 1968.

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Just virtue-signaling words and a photo op. Nothing more.

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The entire free world backs Japan in their quest to have ALL abductees accounted for and returned back home to Japan.

Don't believe one word that comes out of the mouths of the dishonest, immoral North Koreans.

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Will North Korea engage with the US?

I don’t think that the North Koreans have forgotten what occurred in the 1950s

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kurisupisuToday  07:25 pm JST

I don’t think that the North Koreans have forgotten what occurred in the 1950s

You mean the war they started on June 25, 1950?

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Kinda ridiculous .

Show support for something that can actually get resolved

Sorry to be realistic

-11 ( +2 / -13 )

You and argue with a fool nor make them understand a point, it is useless.

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Support comes in many forms, but mostly "soft". Japan and the US often apply political pressure together towards common goals. Perhaps the US goals happen more often and are usually in favor of open markets and democracy, but this time, the "soft" support may be provided with FBI resources and DNA testing - though Japan has those capabilities too.

I'm slightly offended when someone claims to understand great loss without going through the exact same loss themselves. They mean well making the statement, but without having it happen to you, there are nuances that cannot be grasped. Even when someone has gone through exactly the same hardship, because of individual differences and how each individual relates to others, there are always differences in the experiences shared.

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Honestly ask 99% of the American public if they know anything about this and they will say no.

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Peak performative politics. リッチ is 100% correct.

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リッチToday  02:21 am JST

Honestly ask 99% of the American public if they know anything about this and they will say no.

Doesn't mean anything. That would apply to anything outside the U.S.

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