U.S., Japan kick off trade talks amid China deal optimism

By Kyoko Hasegawa

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Japan, find other trading partners and get out from under the heel of Washington. There are many other nations Japan can trade with and these nations will not expect to subjugate Japan.

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In May, Trump ordered his administration to investigate the possibility of imposing tariffs of up to 25 percent on foreign autos and auto parts

Pure politics, and won't affect auto trade in any shape or form between Japan and USA, because nearly all Japanese auto makers have manufacturing facilities in USA.

Autoparts supply chain is a global (not national) operation, again dominated by USA.

If tariffs do eventuate, the European automakers may loose, but Japanese manufacturers will gain.

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One year and nine months until, hopefully, sanity returns to the White House. Japan and China should be doing everything in their power to prevent the Russians from again influencing the American election.

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One year and nine months until, hopefully, sanity returns to the White House. 

That already happened Jan 20, 2017.

As optimism grows that the United States and China are nearing a trade deal


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