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U.S. seeks to assure S Korea, Japan after Trump-Kim summit


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"We're going to get denuclearization," Pompeo said in the South Korean capital. "Only then will there be relief from the sanctions."

But China and Russia already seem to think otherwise...

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Typical shooting by the hip New Trump American diplomacy at work here! Say what you want in front of the worlds media and then leave someone else to clean up the political fallout that's caused by it!

What came out of the talks is about as wishy washy as it comes with no real commitments and no guarantees for anyone! The only winner in all this was Comrade Un, who has managed to improves his profile on the world stage considerably and at the same time gained a sort of international recognition at the same time. While all Trump has succeed in doing is annoying his allies by not bothering to tell them about his plans and be made to look like he coshing up to one of the most brutal regimes in the world! Not only is it embarrassing its hypocritical, Iran must be seething! What's next, a photo op with Assad with a vague promise of no Chemical Weapons in the Middle East! 

Im sorry this isn't diplomacy, its a fairy tale and  if I were Japan or SK id be pretty worried right now!

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America and the world can "sleep well tonight."

Instead of celebrating platitudes with platitudes, we need to know what concrete steps will happen next.

Hard to tell at this point since negotiating the details normally occur before the big signing and fist pumping.

There are no agreed details and there is plenty of room for things to go south, or north.

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There are no agreed details and there is plenty of room for things to go south, or north.

I think the only things going south are the North Korean Armed Forces!

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Pompeo bears an astonishing physical resemblance to Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Let's hope he doesn't float away mid-denuclearization.

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Kang Kyung-wha: ' Ladies and gentlemen of the press, from Korea, the US and Japan I also think...'

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A big face palm for Mattis. He must be steaming. Someone should check on his blood pressure.

zichiToday 06:46 pm JST

I was impressed with the standard of English spoken by the Japanese Foreign Minister and also the South Korean Foreign Minister.

They both actually studied in college and are able to express themselves in English as intelligent educated individuals. Unlike........

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Mattis is a US Marine. He's not going to say anything to his CINC to get fired. He will present his resignation quietly and with dignity. While thinking the same thing as Tillerson. If we lose Mattis, I'm not sure if we have any credibility left in any area, trade, economics, military...

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I will only believe what Trump is saying about a peaceful world without nukes, only when he builds his hotels in NK. The coward will probably urge McDonalds, KFC and the like to go there first, and if things are safe and dandy for them, then others may follow. Who does Trump think will pay for NK's re-building? And probably building from scratch because one only knows how bad the infrastructure is. Japan? South Korea? I'm sure Trump will neither lift a finger or pour US$ into helping NK get on it's feet. Let alone, will KJU allow UN inspectors in to disable his nukes.

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For Putin,XI,K.J. this is a celebrating day of their teamwork! For Mr. Abe this is a panic day,be won't sleep tight in coming nights! Oh I forgot president Moon also happy with the result, an achievement good for him to suppress those die hard factions who wants to crusade the North!

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The US could not care LESS about South Korea. The US could not care LESS about Japan. "America first."

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