U.S. told to see sense as Mnuchin pushes for EU, China concessions


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U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Saturday urged China and the EU to respect "free, fair and reciprocal trade"

No truer words were ever spoken. "Secretary Mnuchin stay the course. Demand fair trade to reduce the US 800 billion trade deficit creating large surpluses in favor of protective countries that have restrictive trade barriers that inhibit US imports.

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I am not too into the current trade conflict, especially the one going on with Europe. I do know the European Union is very manipulative, but I am pretty sure the U.S has more of its foot in the salad in that dispute than with China.

China limits investments and all other stuff (movies screened, facebook, etc). And 'as far as I know', they require a Chinese national / company to have a certain percentage of ownership in a company for it to have full access to their market, essentially allowing them to have shares and say in a lot of American and other foreign companies.

Not to mention they've, up until now at least, had more or less free reigns on what they can buy and invest into in the U.S, while the U.S has been restricted from China.

China is very manipulative, no question about it, and I hope the U.S doesn't back down.

But the thing with Europe I just don't get, from neither side, they're as close allies as allies could be, and if the world goes to crap, I am pretty sure the first "foreigners" the Americans would seek for, are the Europeans, and vise-versa. They gotta stop f*ing with each other and sort their differences out, because this is ridiculous.

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Mia - the EU was fine with their trade agreements. It’s the US who suddenly decided to start a trade war.

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"The president has made it very clear to me that he supports the Fed's independence," said Mnuchin.

You better shake that Magic 8-Ball again, as a "concentrate and ask again" response isn't all that positive.

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Of course the EU was fine with THEIR trade agreements. But the US was not fine with the EU's UNFAIR trade agreements.

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So it is the USA vs the World laughs as the US is not strong enough to take on the world. Soon we will be trading among ourselves ignoring the USA. Japan can get all of its imports in other places other then the USA.

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The USA is not versus the world. The USA's only versus- is with protectionist countries that restrict and inhibit fair trade.

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The USA is not versus the world.

Only China, the EU, Canada and Mexico. America's direct neighbors, most of Europe, and the second largest economy in the world.

Maybe not the whole world, but the huge majority of the world that has relevance to the US.

The USA's only versus- is with protectionist countries that restrict and inhibit fair trade.

Like America? America subsidizes farmers more than most countries in the world. And now America has put tariffs on products from these countries. It seems like America is the most protectionist country, inhibiting and restricting the most free trade.

We are in a trade war with the US, and we cannot afford to let them win any longer.

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Protecting farmers. How about Japan for a start.

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Protecting farmers. How about Japan for a start.

Japan isn't in a trade war with the US... yet. But we're only ever one tweet away.

Anyways, the US subsidizes its farmers more than Japan does. You may want to look a little deeper into that before you keep commenting.

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