Venezuelan ambassador to Japan says bank account is frozen


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You seem to all want to believe that Japan has done this for Trump and even wat to believe that they are doing it in exchange for some “cooperation” from the US President. Did you ever think that maybe they just agree with the policy?

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Japan is US vassal after all.

That is why Russians are not giving southern kurils to Japan

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The US has no authority to do this, but the Japanese govt would comply with a US govt "request" in a NY minute. Especially if the US govt threatened to withhold military aid...

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Good thing Japan is a cash-based society, right?

If they thought of keeping a bunch of man or/and have family/friend which can support them, obviously.

If not, that will not help them. They will be as screwed as in a cashless society.

Good reminder of the bad stuff about the cashless society.

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Good thing Japan is a cash-based society, right?

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Not much relevance to where the account is established, more to do with the USD, ie when funds is converted into USD for transfer, US authorities can block it.

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dirty tactic

or surgical - you isolate and target the team (Maduro + henchmen), so as to spare the people.

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Freezing them in the US is one thing, but having his accounts frozen in Japan is something totally different. Unless he was trying to access his US accounts from here, there should be no reason his nor his wife's accounts be frozen, unless Japan is also doing it at the request of Trump!

If they are, then they should officially go on record and state it!

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Freezing personal bank accounts?

Very dirty tactic

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