Vietnam leader warns against use of force in territorial rows


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China got no friends, part 2.

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Good on this guy. It's so easy to shout 'fight, fight, war, war', but this guy is maintaining a level head.

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Imagine that, the leader of a communist nation calling on another(much bigger) communist nation to pursue :

"… resolution by peaceful means, compliance with international law, and respect for each other’s due rights and sovereignty,” And: “Countries concerned(note: busybodies excluded) should not make the situation complex, but rather exercise self-restraint. They should neither use force nor threaten to use force.”

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Vietnam harbors deep hatred for China after being bullied for so long but the government has no balls to be vocal about it for the fear of retaliation.

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China has more friends than Japan does. In fact, China and Vietnam are much closer.


You have no knowledge of the relationship between Vietnam and China.

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What a joke, is that what they teach in in China Mulan?

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Guys, Please search "Diaoyu islands, The truth" in google, let the American tell the truth.

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Vietnam seems to be taking the right approach, do not make waves until the alliances are built and are firm. Vietnam, Philippines, japan, Malaysia, India, all that has disputes with China should form a security alliance and become very active in the seas and run China's ships to death. Can China chase down every ship in the seas?? I think not!! And.. when they understand they are out numbered , maybe then they will ease up on their aggressive stance or lose face to the Chinese people when they are seen as unable to control the situation as they are wishing to do today!. But actually

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tvvtgo1US: Excellent analysis. But you forgot Taiwan,

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I wish they would just name CHINA. That is who everyone is talking about.

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Vietnam became independent in AD 938 after the Battle of Back Bay River. (from China) Vietnam means South of Viet (Etsu Nan in Japanese) In 19th century, France colonized entire Indochina Peninsula. It struggled to be back to an independent country for a long time. Japan occupied there, too. Rice is main crop. Vietnam War and it is now unified as a socialism Communism country, Very crowded country, The country is growing economically. The country is one party system. Some people like to think Asian countries hate China or/and Japan but not so. We don;t have blond hair or blue eyes. Some countries use Chinese characters in their language. Kanji in Japan. Sooner or later, China and Japan will show true relationship. S Korea and China are friends now despite of American occupation in S Korea. Rice grain differ but countries that have rice as main dish can not be enemies forever. After all, Japan changed to peace country in 1945. Other Asian countries can advice Japan to ensure Japan will not go to war stupidly.

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Abe should take the advice and get back on track mending fences with SK and the rest of the region. ASEAN needs to pull together to counter Chinese aggression.

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Today's news says Mrs. Obama will tour China with their daughters. Chjina welcoming. I think China and USA are friendly. Which countries rescued USA financial crisis by buying US security bonds more than any other countries?Recent history was France colonized entire indonnesia peninsula., not China. Anyway these Asian countries advice Japan not engaged in any war. Other Asian countries (including China) did not start wars in 19th and 20th century.

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Its true that Vietnam does not hate China , its people also came from China. But Vietnamese people are against evil wicked things that China is doing : arrogance, aggressive, stealing other country's territories, contaminating food with poisons, cheating in trades...

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Toshika you are right, I did forget Taiwan... and I have many Taiwanese friends. lol But with Ma and his leaning towards China ... hmmm I do not know if he would take on such an alliance with everyone else! I really do not like him at all!!! Especially in the last couple of days him trying to push through directly the service trade agreement with out a review that is shown to only incorporate more of Taiwan into Beijing's sphere of influence over Taiwan with limited access in areas of China and covering all of Taiwan!!! People are really starting to understand that he is crap and on the path of a Taiwan sellout to China!

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@tyvtgo1USMAR. 20, 2014 - 05:15PM JST Toshika you are right, I did forget Taiwan... and I have many Taiwanese friends. lol But with Ma and his leaning towards China ..


I felt you might have something in your mind that subconsciously you skipped Taiwan, I am quite familiar with Taiwan under Japanese occupation and how come Chinese people had to evacuate from China, Fortunately, Article 9 of Japanese Constitution prohibits Japan to begin War. But I do hope other countries advice Japan to avoid any war. Japan colonized Korea and Taiwan, Hope Taiwan keep its status of an independent country, Forget about UN denial of Taiwan,

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