Virus reduces Japan's FY2019 tax revenue by 3.2% to ¥58.44 tril


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Yet Japanese government's annual expenditure is 100 trillion yen burdened by 35 trillion yen in debt service, how long can Japanese government sustain this.

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Profligate spending at the top and poverty at the bottom in Japan where people starve to death !

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So now extra ¥3-5 plastic bag tax. 8% tax is basically 10%.

next will be alcohol tax, fuel tax, water tax, electricity tax, public toilet tax...anything that taxpayers need, LDP will tax.

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how long can Japanese government sustain this.

Until inflation rises to a high and dangerous level. So probably forever.

 "....burdened by 35 trillion yen in debt service,"

Nearly half that money goes to the BOJ, which remits it to the MOF. The other half is income for Japanese institutions and individuals. Anyway, the payments are made with a keystroke, given that the Japanese govt is able to create yen out of thin air.

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