Voldemort attacks up ante in China-Japan propaganda war


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If Japan truly wants to prove the Chinese and other Asians wrong, the leader should pays respects to all war memorials in Asia that are dedicated to the memory of victims of imperial expansionist Japan!

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The Chinese Internet users make the most sense!

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The Chinese Internet users make the most sense!

I bet the government has already arrested them for criticizing the ruling party.

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They're fighting over Voldemort.

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I bet the government has already arrested them for criticizing the ruling party.

The Chinese government is way more lax with this than people think. There is plenty of government criticism on the internet in China, and very rarely does it end up in the person getting arrested. Of course the fact that it ever does end up in them getting arrested is bad, and anti-freedom, but it's by no means an iron fist policy. In fact, it's probably in line with Japan and the anti-secrecy law now. If any of us were to reveal a state secret, we'd be arrested here in Japan, a supposedly free country.

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Now it's time to grow up.

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Chinese blow hards.

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Which country; diplomat began mentioning witch story? Japan did not start. Japanese diplomat just reacted on China;s comment.

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Reacting to that comment made the Japanese ambassador as childish as the Chinese ambassador who made it. Bringing a fictional story into a political debate making it a possible escalation into war between these two Countries proves how both childish and moronic their politicians are.

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@ConnorH93 - I disagree. Hayashi's response simply highlighted how absurd the original statements by Liu were, and presented facts to rebut the CCP claims.

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“Japan’s state apparatus has very strong capacity in public opinion warfare. They will mobilise various media forces of their country, create a leverage to lever world opinions, their goal to cleverly mask the malignant nature of Abe’s visit to the Yasukuni shrine,” the newspaper said in a commentary.

The "malignant nature" of Abe's visit to Yasukuni, eh.

The Chinese state rhetoric is pretty pathetic, in my opinion.

Obviously Abe going there was always going to pee off the Chinese and Koreans, but it seems to me that it is them that turned Yasukuni into a symbol of war worship than is in fact the reality amongst Japanese? Yasukuni is just a little old shrine in Japan, not the site of a massacre of Chinese people or something like that.

Abe went along and said he prayed for peace and all that good stuff, and the Chinese refuse to take it at face value and say we must imagine Abe actually has ulterior motives (I don't know? Secretly thanking the class-A war crims for giving the Chinese people such harsh treatment long ago during the war, before he was even born?). Grow up...

On TV the other day I saw Beat Takeshi saying something like "the winners of the war got to decide who to persecute". I never studied the history carefully myself and have no knowledge to form a strong opinion, but it is evident that the way the class-A war crims got executed for their part in events did not sit well with some Japanese people at the time, and this seemingly persists today as a result.

The victors getting to persecute the class-A war crims was seemingly not enough for the Chinese. So if it wasn't enough then why didn't the victors do something else that would be better for the Chinese? From their rhetoric I can't see the Chinese reflecting on this themselves anytime soon, and they are silly if they seriously expect Japanese people to suddenly just accept their views and interpretations of the world. They seem to be educated to hold a grudge. I don't like that. If anything it makes me want to go to Yasukuni myself and pray for some peace. China really worries me.

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