Voting under way in Nago mayoral race with U.S. base relocation in focus


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Second Nago Mayoral election in a row; the incumbent has won and the "anti-base" candidate lost.

Little over 68% turned out, down about 8% from last time, but with corona and crappy weather yesterday for most of the day, not too bad! Out of a little under 50,000 voters, he won by a little over 5,000 votes.

TWICE now the anti-base people have put on the full court press to get their candidate voted in, and twice now Denny and his cohorts and loudmouths have lost

Further proof to people here when anti-base posters make their claims about "all Okinawa" being against the bases, or talk like they represent Okinawa, it's all bull!

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Relocate that base in US where it belongs..

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I’ve read that the US base presence contributes only 5% to the Okinawa economy. I think the bigger issue is contamination of so much land and water. After 70 years of continued discovery of contamination, the Japanese government hasn’t conducted any epidemiological studies on communities living near the bases.

Even when land is returned to the prefecture, the cost of environmental cleanup is left to the Japanese taxpayer.

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@Yubaru: Every governor runs on the "get rid of the bases" platform. they get into office, then turn around to the government and say don't cut off the sympathy budget. They all want the money for the bases. And the media (Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times play up to this rhetoric.

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No one should listen to the anti-base folks spew their rhetoric about how "all Okinawa" is behind this...

Nago Mayoral Election: Voter turnout as of 4:00 pm 18.24%, 4.95 points lower than last time

Folks are apathetic and are sick and tired of hearing the same rhetoric over and over.

Okinawa Gov Denny Tamaki, is closely watched ahead of a gubernatorial election later this year in Okinawa, which hosts the bulk of U.S. military installations in Japan.

Sadly odds are Denny Kun will probably win again, and there will be a bunch of noise about how the "majority" of Okinawa is against the bases.

Dont be fooled by fake news! He may win an election, but he wont win the majority of Okinawa!

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Ultimately nothing can be done since Okinawa is such a poor area and so much of its economic activity revolves around the bases.

Statement made out of pure ignorance of reality! We live in 2022, not 1952!

Your condescending attitude and ignorance is NOT appreciated!

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