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Wearable binoculars or "KabukiGlasses" Image: Santeplus Inc

Wearable binoculars gifted to G7 spouses by Kishida's wife


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Did we pay for those out of our tax?

A Hello Kitty for each couple would have sufficed.

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to Z and MM....


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What is a 'Wearable binoculars"?

Point made.

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gifted only to spouses? is this so they can look on from the sidelines while their partners have meetings and shake hands? lol

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Haha - they're gimnicky AF :) - I actually like this idea - keep your spouse under surveilance 24/7 :) .

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Are those like those when the british royal family goes to horse race and look how thehorses run?

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Just looked these things up. Lower models sell for 30,000¥. I'm sure she didn't just give them the standard ones.

Also, the website has been immediately updated, advertising "the gift of the G7" in the most early 2000 web page design possible.

This is a perfect example of how everything is paid advertising here. No different than Oprah giving things away for Christmas. Are those really her favorite things? I highly doubt it. Are other countries going to be running news stories on the wives' magical gifts? No, but if Lady Kishi "buys" them for foreigners every 65+ woman in Japan will think these overpriced theater binos are a new life necessity.

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The 'Luxury Version' Kabuki Glasses is priced at ¥220,000 税込 and appears to be sold out...https://santeplus-japan.stores.jp/items/63089ec3dcd59b4c98e8e783

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Several years before, LDP cabinet decided that wife of PM is private person.

But now, wife of present PM doing something with taxes.

But obedient media of Japan criticize nothing about Summit at least.

Corrupted politics of Japan is full of double standard by opportunism.

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