WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies


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With friends like these, who needs China?

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US people living in Japan and paying all those US taxes: they are using your hard earned money to spy on Japan's trading cherries with US! Who knew!

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People need to just get over these stories. I never understood the uproar over the Snowden confessions. Every country spies on one another and they always will. Does anyone not think Japan doesn't have it's own spies?

The real issue is why is the US's ship so leaky?

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No wonder at all about it. That is USA that never trusts friends.

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Who on earth is naive enough to think that allies don't spy on one another? This is not news. It's never been news. It's always been common sense to know what everyone---not just some---is doing, thinking and planning. This organization that claims to foster transparency, has become one of the most opaque and secretive media entities in the world.

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Assange, Snowden and the like are vital for democracy. I just wish we had a few Japanese Assanges. An exposure of what really goes on at higher government levels in Japan would shake things up a bit.

It's interesting that there is no Japanese WIkileaks and as a result, Abe is able to push this country little by little to totalitarianism.

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This is evidence that US never considers Japan as its ally.

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Ha, I thought that to be the case.

All with the approval of the president. I wonder if other countries' citizens ever think of that.

They all think so highly of him, but he spies on their country to gain financial gain, and prowess.

I'm independent btw, NOT a republican.

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Americans living in Japan dont really pay US income taxes.... But I do know that all nations, even friendly ones do spy on each other. The spying on allies usually does not endanger national security

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Supey11Aug. 01, 2015 - 07:19AM JST With friends like these, who needs China?

Well who's going to steal military and security secrets then?

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Is this really a surprise?

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Climate change? Cherry exports to Japan? Sounds top secret to me.

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Here's a list of every country's intelligence agencies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_intelligence_agencies

If they're not spying on each other all day, every day, then what do you think they're doing, playing Puzzle & Dragons? Get over it people, just because wikileaks doesn't expose you doesn't mean your country isn't spying on you or your neighbours.

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@hworta By "don't really pay US income taxes", you mean even they are legally supposed to, they just don't? The US persons at my firm complain about US income taxes (which US people are legally bound to pay on foriegn income when they live overseas) and now FATCA. So your taxes are being used to spy on cherries. Now what I want to know is whether any Japanese news organization will publish this story, or bow to Abe and not report it.

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I love how "some" people here are sweeping this under the rug, if not, justifying it, yet the same people criticizes other countries that spies on them.

Tsk tsk tsk.

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gokai - Japanese news reported this yesterday.

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hi @thepbot!

Spying is necessary.

Should we not know what North Korea is doing? Are we seriously supposed to take China at it's word and not try to get behind the veil? Snowden says what the US was doing was wrong then goes to a country run by a former KGB agent and a country that has one of the most complex intelligence agencies in the world.

Everybody wants to know what the other is doing. The world is, unfortunately, a place full of machinations, confusion and mistrust.

If the US or other countries weren't spying on its own citizens how would they have caught the spies or terrorists amongst them? People are just naive if they think intelligence isn't the most important currency.

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I hope Wikileaks discloses as much as they can which we would never know. Everyone knows what everyone doesn't know. No one would be not pissed about those secrets.

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The US persons at my firm complain about US income taxes (which US people are legally bound to pay on foriegn income when they live overseas) and now FATCA

You do not pay taxes to the US if you are under a certain amount yearly while living overseas. You may have to fill out a FACTA form but if you are under this yearly amount then no...you or they are not paying taxes back to the US.

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Friends do not spy on friends.

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Doesn't bother me. Spy away, boys. Don't trust ANYONE.

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US spies on Japan, China spies on US, US spies on China, Germany, France, etc. etc. in short: everyone is spying on everyone. It has been like that since a long time. Snowden instead uncovered a huge spying plot on citizens, not on governments. That's a huge different thing! I wonder how is he now in Russia, a country that undoubtedly deals a lot harsher with spies than the US.

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@CGB Spender "US spies on Japan, China spies on China..."

Excellent point. So, why the USA is considered a 'better friend' for Japan than close neighbours, China or Russia ? In this case, where is a difference between a friend and a foe ?

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Dah! What do you think the US does at The Misawa Security Operations Center. EVERY piece of electronic communication in Japan is routed through there.

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There were two kinds of 'Key Allies' in the U.S. category. The first class were UK,Australia,Canada,NZ since they were native English speaking with Anglo Saxon heritages in their blood. Those second class allies were Germany,France,Japan...etc. They were G7 members but due to their lack of Anglo Saxon background these countries were subjected to be spied and they were not allowed to spy on US or her first class allies as reciprocal. This is the so called :A strong bonded alliance like marriages. Very sweet indeed ! I am sure all the japanese PM of post war years including Mr. Abe understood their office was bugged They just pretend nothing fir the sake to protect that sweetened alliance.

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Many nations have spied on each other throughout history and many nations do keep secrets. Many nations keeps secrets and hide information that potentially affects the well-being of the citizens of other nations. And to get this information requires taking it without the consent of the other nation. In other words, stealing it. In the end many secrets are not really secrets at all, but rather mysteries because what lies in the minds of leaders may be mysteries because they themselves may not know how they will respond to events until they actually respond. So the very possibility of choosing a different course of action ultimately means that no amount of intelligence gathering will produce an infallible knowledge of another country.

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The US is a totalitarian state that pretends to be a demicracy, this is obvious to everyone. The worst thing isn't only the fact they spied. About climate change, Japan wanted to announce a cut in emissions, but the US didn't want. The leak shows how afraid were Japanese officials about American reaction. The country acts like a colony, this is what is really scary. The US were spying also Japanese nuclear power policy. You can understand why Japan will never be nuclear free. It's not possible if the US don' t want.

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"Friends do not spy on friends."

I don't know what High School Musical universe people live in. No countries are childhood friends, sleepover buddies. Countries just have partnerships because every country knows they're just as untrustworthy as themselves.

Why would the US spy on Japan? Before WWII the Japanese had American citizens be spies for them, during WWII the Japanese had new spies after the previous spies were caught, then in the1950s the Japanese government was already trying to change the constitution to get a military again. On top of that, the revolving door Prime Ministers and the cabinets makes any partner uneasy.

Also, there was a wikileaks article about Japan wanting to expand it's own intelligence gathering capabilities. And that's just the government.

As for as corporations, there have been price-fixing scandals, faulty balance sheets, air bag scandals, car brake scandals, and so on.

And how do we find out about all of these scandals? Not from asking politely, but by spying.

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The US are spying some countries "allies" to influence - the best word is to force - their policy according to their personal interests, not to prevent some companies bad behaviour.

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@Gaijin6000 Actually, the majority of the government operates without any input from the president.. And his position is mostly that of a figurehead. The president gets ONE power in the government, the almighty "veto", meaning he is allowed to veto any bill, bring into question any law and reconsider any current policy... However he cannot influence lawmaking, legislation or how the government goes about carrying out said laws and policies. (They also can "force" bills into creation, but rarely this power is ever used, and it could lead to impeachment) If you're trying to say Obama is slipping out ever Saturday and meeting with the heads of the FBI and CIA to plan these spying missions that's simply crazy; especially since the FBI and CIA rarely approach the reigning president for ANYTHING, especially regarding how they are getting the information they bring in. As for the "he's making money off of this" Ha! The payroll of the president is rather slim compared t other government payrolls; the only thing making the position seem "rich" is because housing, food, and security are supplied to him free of charge.

Btw, not a democrat.. And I don't think Obama's a particularly amazing president by any means; I just hate it when people assume the president has "almighty power" when really he has less power than any of the other government's branches.

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Nope those are the nation that participates in the Echelon signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection and analysis network;


The biggest problem is that the US operates an ECHELON station in Misawa Japan but does not share any intel that had been gather there and yet Japan is footing the land lease and various other bills running the station.

Abe-san should warn the US to stop ease dropping like Merkel or have them remove that station all together.

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Those second class allies were Germany,France,Japan...etc.

No, US is treating Japan lower than Germany, France, or Italy and maybe even lower than South Korea. You can judge that by the number of Congress address made by those countries.

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@elephant Well, you are right about the different layers of allies; however, the "big five" while being Caucasian and English speaking.. Were all allies in both World Wars, which although seeming "trivial" has created a bond between these nations that cannot be replicated through simple diplomacy. Japan is a special case, really. Here we see that we do not spare them from our world-wide spying network; but it is a nation we can rely on more than any other to stay by us no matter the odds (partially because of their constitution..) On the other hand, due to our close relationship with them, being informed of their actions is extremely important in order to react in the proper way to even their slightest diplomatic move. Is this ethical? Not in the slightest, but no country in the history of EVER has been completely ethical when it comes to diplomacy; and in my eyes the U.S. is much more transparent than others (Take that statement with a grain of salt.. And then read a textbook on any historical superpower before the U.S.)

Honestly there will never be a perfect anything when it has humans involved; if any nation was in the position of "Superpower" like the U.S. is.. Chances are they'd act the same, or worse.

@Alex The U.S. is not totalitarian.. Far from it really; and honestly I have no idea where you got it in your head that the U.S. is responsible for all of Japan's problems. The U.S. has nothing to gain from Japan closing down all their nuclear reactors.. In fact they'd GAIN money from Japan buying natural gas and other fuels from our deposits. The reason those reactors stay open is because it's cheaper for the Japanese government to have free energy and not pay for the importation of foreign fuels, or set up the infrastructure for any renewable energy sources. Also, the U.S. really doesn't have that much interest in Japanese policy making; and if you want the U.S. to stop influencing Japan completely and remove its military bases then be prepared to be invaded by China, which China's wanted to do since the end of the war. Not only that, but it would probably spur China to invade Taiwan, Vietnam, and possibly even the Philippines. I'm sorry you dislike the U.S., and your dislike is understandable, but don't attack their position in Japan or make up ridiculous theories.

@Tinawatanabe The congressional addresses made by foreign leaders are always proposed by the foreign government.. So if Abe wanted to address congress, say, over recent developments with China.. He could is he simply contacted congress and made the proper diplomatic moves. But, Japan rarely needs to contact the U.S. and catch the attention of Congress themselves; due to the fact the U.S. places priority on politics in Asia above all others. Also, as I said before, the U.S. can rely on Japan completely already.. Why would they need to have any more sway in Japanese politics?

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@AADV: your comment is such a piece of typical American propaganda that only confirms my words about the US being a totalitarian state. Try to read other articles about this news and you'll see how the US are able to control everything in Japan policy. Not a surprise, we see on daily basis how Japan acts as an American colony.

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@Alex Really? I happen to abhor American foreign policy; but I can't help but defend the few bits and pieces which exist to actually to the world some good (I know, it sounds crazy :P) Again, I would assume you're referring to my statement that Japan relies on the U.S. for safety from Mr.GreatNeighbor China; but if I'm incorrect please feel free to comment aha and correct me.

Okay, first off I think that America has handled incidents like the misbehavior of it's soldiers raping Japanese girls ATROCIOUSLY! So please, I'm not defending that behavior at all. Japan does not have the ability to defend itself from the Communist Part of China, and it wouldn't even if the Constitution didn't exist and Japan had a full fledged military.. That's just the affect of China's huge and expensive military. If the U.S. we're to pull out all of its military from Asia; I can assure you that China wouldn't blink an eye at the thought of crushing and destroying the nation that it hates with such a burning passion.. Due to the fact that the hatred of the Japanese is the only reason the Communist Party is able to exist and run its people. Am I insulting Japan's SDF and their citizen's ability to repel invasion? Of course not.. If China truly wanted to mess with the U.S. or any other nation I'm sure they could do substantial damage even without their nuclear arsenal.

The U.S.'s Japanese doctrine is flawed, but it allows Japan to operate autonomously while allowing them to be "untouchable" to all other nations which potentially would want to attack it. Do they have to influence politics as much as they do? Probably not, but they just don't influence that much. They oversee Japan's SDF operations and try to help Japan play a larger role in SE Asia. I'm sorry you hate the U.S. I wish you could see that there is more wrong to Japan than the U.S's involvement, and that in all honesty the U.S. is not the root of all evil.

I look forward to seeing your reaction; if you think I am wrong please say specifically what is. I do enjoy political debates, especially when the other person has a completely different view :P

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By reading these comments I can tell how little people actually know what it takes to keep countries from annihilating each other ten times over.

US this and US that. People have seen the wikileak document about Australia spying on it's neighbours? Or that the Germans have been spying on the French president? Or the UK spied on Argentina over the Falklands or it's own citizens? Or even Canada spies on it's own citizens?

Get over it. It's not the US controlling the whole world. Every country collects data on it's own people and the whole world as well. It's just the headlines about the US doing it grabs every front page and confirms everyone's stereotype and people ignore it when it's a country they feel has little influence.

Every country spies. Every country has secrets. Every country trades secrets. Just because you don't see a country involved in a very public war on TV doesn't mean that country isn't in the war.

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AAAD123 - Japan had been asking for congress address many times, but always denied.

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"I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!"

----from the movie Casablanca

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Alex80 "your comment is such a piece of typical American propaganda"

Many Americans honestly believe that is true, not propaganda. Only under pressure of facts they begin to wobble, saying something like 'hey, America is not that much special ! China also spies Japan ! Russia also spies the USA !Japan also spies the USA !'

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The Japanese media are still not treating this story. There are only short articles hidden away on back pages "International" sections. I guess nobody wants to attract much attention to this, Japan being a US puppet and all, and we can't embarrass Abe.

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wikileaks documents reveal that none of the targets, including the PM, is categorized as priority 1, meaning most important. agreed but a bit touché.

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@Tinawatanabe If you can refer me to credible sources saying that the U.S. congress denied one of their most important allies in asia an audience, I will happily admit I was wrong; however I see no reason for the congress to do such a thing.

@Yamashi Well, if your trying to paint me as a brainwashed American then I'll have to say you didn't do too well. What I've gathered from my time reading "Japantoday" comments is that many Japanese readers feel that America hasn't helped Japan, and has done nothing but cause it issues.. Are they right? Well it doesn't matter really, if they think they are completely right and the U.S. is only an organization of evil.. There's no point arguing. However, I'd like to try and erase that enemy for your mind. So you can rest easy without looking behind your back and worrying about the "Evil Totalitarian US Government!" The U.S. would never EVER harm Japan, it's people, or its government on purpose. The U.S. has nothing to gain from "forcing Japan to be a lesser nation" or "Undermining the Japanese government" at all. The U.S. does not benefit monetarily from its military bases in Japan; it only gains a strategic advantage against Chinese and Russian aggression in the pacific.. Also, the U.S. wishes for Japan to have a larger economy and have higher growth so that the U.S's ties to Japan can be seen more favorably in the U.S. Why would the government of a foreign nation want to make an allied nation look "stupid" or poor? It's not logical. The U.S. has no reason to make your lives as Japanese harder.. The U.S. is too busy in the Middle East and at home fighting "terror". And lastly; if the U.S. hated Japan so much, and wanted to exploit them so much.. Why help out so much during the Honshu Earthquake and the Tsunami relief? If I were the "dictator" of an "evil totalitarian state" a disaster like that would be the perfect opportunity to seize complete control of a government and enslave its people!

Honestly, stop worrying about the U.S.. Chances are that in a few years China's people will switch to a new government; and the U.S. will remove itself (mostly) from Japan and the rest of Asia. I can assure you the U.S. doesn't like the fact that 80% of its massive navy is stationed there, and that they have to pay billions each year to maintain them stationed in a foreign country. And I know you're going to scoff and think me some American idiot who is blinded by nationalism or whatever; but I have family in Japan, I want them to be successful.. And therefore have actually paid attention to US actions in Japan. They're harmless. Now if you want to attack my uneasy view of China and Russia, assaying that the U.S. invented their threat.. Well.. Look up how many Chinese and Russian planes that Japanese jets have intercepted; and watch some mainland Chinese television.. China does nothing but paint the Japanese as evil, sadly, and I can assure you that does not lead easily to a peaceful future.

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The Abe administration of Japanese government , shall never complain about US spying activities against japan no matter spying their government or industrials, the benefits of US comes first is rule number one that is for sure. Unlike the Chinese communist hacked the entire stack of US secrets without confession... there you know why the people see Japanese were good friends and Chinese were hateful enemies in asia. Freedom isnt free and so does winning the 'hearts and minds'of American people is Japan basic doctrine . A price has to pay for such a special friendship of a very 'special friend' and the japanese won it. Congraduations Japan.

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U.S. government spied on Japanese officials and companies.

Is there anyone that the US do not spy on ?

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@AADV123 "The U.S. would never EVER harm Japan, it's people"

On August, 6 there will be 70 years since atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The U.S. leadership tried to harm civilians of Japan.

"It only gains a strategic advantage against Chinese and Russian aggression"

Chinese and Russian aggression..well...where and when it took place? Could you elaborate?

"Look up how many Chinese and Russian planes that Japanese jets have intercepted".

Well, U.S. bases on Japanese soil provoke Chinese and Russians to fly close to Japan. Do you have other explanation?

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@Yamashi That was a very long time ago, and a very different Japan. The U.S. has also tried multiple times to apologize but the Japanese government did not wish them to do so.

And Russia invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine, and has never signed a peace treaty with Russia. Also, there is no mystery to how much the Russians dislike the Japanese and vice versa.. When polled 70% of Japanese felt a degree of dislike towards Russia or Russians. And China invaded Tibet. Another sovereign country. And has made attempts to invade Taiwan, another foreign country, as well as Vietnam.. Yet another foreign country. Russia and China did not hate those nations. They simply wanted the territory.. Now combine the hatred of Japanese the Chinese and Russians have; with the desire for the Japanese mainland due to its strategic location.. Well, I'd say that the Japanese nation would want at least some kind of deterrent.. We are talking about two nations which would never think to attack the U.S.. But do like attacking undefended countries which have no threat of fitting back properly. Ukraine was a great country.. But Russia has destroyed it. Simply by sending a handful of troops they have ruined Ukraine's chances of ever reaching its full potential.

China does not send its fighters in for the "US bases". It sends them because they want more territory; they want the Senkakus and the Sea of Japan, they want the gas deposits scattered around the ocean, they want unsinkable carriers in the form of man made island.. And what are they doing this for? Not for threatening the U.S.. No, China makes too much money off the U.S. They do it to threaten other Asian nations into submission and to weed out potential targets. Sorry, but I'd rather not endanger the lives of my own family living in Japan just so some people could feel a bit more "free". And the current U.S. administration wouldn't think of harming anyone.. And don't bring up WWII because Japan did much worse things than the bombs and we both know it.

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YuriOtaniAug. 01, 2015 - 11:51AM JST Friends do not spy on friends.

You are wrong, Friends do spy on each other all the time. To think that Japan doesn't "spy" on the U.S. as well is utterly naïve. But the difference between Friends and Adversaries is WHAT is being spied upon. Military and security information is often shared among friends negating any need to "spy" to obtain it.

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Americans often say that the US is so great because of freedom but they are spying on everyone.

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@AADV123"When polled 70% of Japanese felt degree or dislike towards Russia and Russians".

This is quite new for me. Where the mentioned 'poll' took place? In U.S. newspaper, perhaps? Please, google info about Abo Tetsuya, a reporter from Japan. He prefers to stay among those 'evil Russians' because "tired to repeat US-imposed lie and misinformation in Japanese media". China is another story. But they did not invade Taiwan.

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If you can refer me to credible sources saying that the U.S. congress denied one of their most important allies in asia an audience

It is well known in Japan that all other PM were refused because most news report about Abe's address this year included the explanation. The closest was Koizumi who worked hard for US interest but at the last minute US set a condition he could not accept.

I see no reason for the congress to do such a thing.

One possiblilty is that US thinks bullying Japan is the best way to manipulate Japan?

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@Raymond Freedom has nothing to do with spying, and all nation's spy on everyone. @Yamashi I happened upon it open one of my old political digest-type books.. Might be a bit outdated as it was referring to the whole "Northern territories" issue. I never called the Russian evil. I adore their culture and people; however they're run by a very public oligarchy which wishes for nothing but to return to the height of the Tsarist empire.. AKA large swaths of Asia and Europe. Yes, China did attempt several invasions of Taiwan after WWII. All being repelled by the U.S. and RoC navies. Bit too close to home? Look into Chinese foreign policy, and how often China changes their constitution to see how they feel about their neighbors.

Also why not comment on how Japanese "demons" are always slandered in Mainland Chinese TV? As a student of Mandarin and an avid watcher of foreign TV I can tell you firsthand that the Chinese are very, very quick to make their drama's antagonists Japanese; as well as using the term "Japanese fiend" and "Japanese demon" commonly. You fail to see that unlike in the U.S.. Japan is not seen favorably in a your beloved China and Russia. But by all means, feel free to continue to bite the ah d that protects you from the largest and most well funded, active militaries in the world.

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Well, it can't really be such a big thing. None of the Japanese media is featuring this story. Nothing on NHK news or cable. Of course maybe Abe's henchmen are keeping a lit on it (remember how they threatened reporters over Okinawa stories?).

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Alex80Aug. 01, 2015 - 02:51PM JST The US is a totalitarian state that pretends to be a demicracy, this is obvious to everyone..

Unlike China a totalitarian state that doesn't even pretend to be anything other than a dictatorship with state control over the media and the people who have no ability to vote for the own country's leadership.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

The issue is how the used the information they gained through it. There is a widely popular speculation that the US uses the information gathered to black mail politicians or threaten to leak out scandalous information to the public. All politicians have something hidden in the closet so they have to accept. This time it looks as if they used the information gathered to gain lead in the TPP negotiations as well. Using the information gathered against military threat is one thing but once you open the door to manipulate people, gain an upper hand to trade negotiations and/or industrial espionage then the US is flatly abusing the information which should be stopped.

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Yes, friends DO spy on friends, thats true....and very real. Well, there is an adversary nation whom it was recently known has hacked 30million or maybe alot more personal secrets of US ferderal employees from the OPM,a huge stack of elite Americans and their informations were compromised with their related people,that hostile spying country can using them for blackmails or counter espionage. This is a typical 'spy war',but the US govt shall never condemn that hostile nation's name to the public because it was a bloodless spy war that occurred everyday, thats why there is nothing can blame besides blaming your own careless. If an enemy state of the above hostile spying shall not to be blamed or punishment then those spying between friends as wikileaks has exposed were NO BIG DEAL. This is friendly spying.

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harvey pekar

Spying is necessary.

Should we not know what North Korea is doing? Are we seriously supposed to take China at it's word and not try to get behind the veil? Snowden says what the US was doing was wrong then goes to a country run by a former KGB agent and a country that has one of the most complex intelligence agencies in the world.

So why did you omit Japan? What was Japan planning to do against the US?

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@elephant200"Yes, friends DO spy on friends"

It's normal for America because the USA rather need tools than friends. In other countries friends TRUST friends, not SPY each other. If you justify 'friendly spying', you will also justify stealing commercial secrets or blackmailing politicians as direct results of that 'spying'...

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

"In other countries friends TRUST friends, not SPY each other."

So you haven't read the wikileak document about Australia spying on it's neighbours? Or that the Germans have been spying on the French president? Or the UK spied on Argentina over the Falklands or it's own citizens? Or even Canada spies on it's own citizens?

Educate yourself. These are just a few examples of "other countries" where "friends spy each other."

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@yamashi : Look dude, Japan is not a native English speaking country and Japan has NO Anglo Saxon heritages at all, you cant buy trust and respect from those five eyes(US,UK,AU,CA,NZ)! The so called friends never exists in realpolitiks, absolutely NEVER!

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Japan has NO Anglo Saxon heritages at all, you cant buy trust and respect from those five eyes(US,UK,AU,CA,NZ)!

You're saying Japan is coloured. It's obvious that US keeps the largest numbers of soldiers in Japan not to protect Japan but spy on/ control/ extort Japan

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Everybody spies on their friends and foes. I just wonder why people are "amazed" that is happens. Folks, spying has a long, long history. Many friends spy on the US. It's another game to be played.

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Tom WebbAUG. 02, 2015 - 06:43PM JST Everybody spies on their friends and foes. I just wonder why people are "amazed" that is happens. Folks, spying has a long, long history. Many friends spy on the US. It's another game to be played.

Just because MANY do something bad does NOT make it right. And I would have to call into question, your definition of "friends". Do your friends spy on you? Would you still consider them a friend if you caught them spying on you and your family?

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@harvey pekar"Educate yourself".

I am well-educated, thank you. And I am aware that the USA have been imposing their rotten double standards not only to Japan but to rest of the world for years.

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Everybody spies on their friends and foes.

So Americans think it's OK to steal Japanese companies confidential and share with other Anglo Saxon countries?

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That makes sense for the US. Having prior knowledge to Japan's trade negotiation positions before going into negotiations give them an incalculable advantage.

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WikiLeaks says US spied on Japanese government, companies

Keep your enemies close, and your friends even closer. Who would've thought? It happened in the 1920s at the naval conference - and it's happened again

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Ugh. America.

Too bad we can't go back in time and stop the Americans from discovering America. Is it too late to take a vote and have America divided up and given to the Chinese, Russians, Germans or the French? Man, if we could take back America this world would be a better place and all Nuclear treaties could be settled with a handshake. I mean, can anyone think of a French warmonger or an evil German at any point in time?

Did you know the first spy was American? Yep, his name was John Spysmith and he was an American that disguised himself as a British colonialist, a Frenchman, a Conquistador and he snuck into America and discovered it and before anyone could say anything, he said, " I claim this country America! Gotcha! You didn't know an American was in your midst this whole time and now I know all your secrets!"

They then shortened Spysmith to just Spy and spying and lying and deceiving was born on that day. Before that first American spy, this pure world never knew of dishonesty. Everyone trusted each other and took each at their word. Yep, Americans invented all the evils in the world.

Carl Cancerburg invented cancer. He was American.

Eliza Runsington, American, created diarrhea in her lab.

The thing where you make a promise but have your fingers crossed behind your back to secretly void the promise without the other person knowing, yep, first done by a man in the Bronx, Tony Twoface.

As you can plainly see, Americans are to blame for all of the ills in the world. So I say, No more, America! Let the good honest folks at the EU or that plucky Putin take you over so we can sleep easy at night!

For shame, America!

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Here is an article where JOE BIDEN reassures Abe about the U.S. spying on Japan. You think within the box, these political elite do not.


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