Women account for record 37% of Japanese civil servant hires


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A move in the right direction, but when you look at Japan's ranking for gender equality, they are 120th so there is a LONG way to go.

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Is this "civil servants" as in people sitting there in your town hall, or "komuin" as in anyone employed by the local government, including daycare staff and librarians?

An increasing percentage of both people at town hall and "komuin" in general are not seishain. There is little value in governments setting targets that involve loose definitions that allow data to be manipulated.

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Very positive news, of course it will take time to see if the equality holds after raised and better positions begin to be granted on these new hires but at least for now there seems to be some effort to correct a wrong situation.

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How is this good news? Women in such positions (and HR) around the world are renowned for their officiousness and sanctimony.

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wow, that's a lot of tasty coffee and tea being served at the offices

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One has to ask what kind of job they are working / in.

Very often I see them as "nothing better" than a secretary.

Very few are in top positions .... those seem to be reserved for the man.

All lot still remains to be changed and adjusted!

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Women in such positions (and HR) around the world are renowned for their officiousness and sanctimony.

Are they?

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Leave it to Japan to consider this big news. In other countries it would just be another Tuesday.

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Of the 9,090 total recruits, women numbered 3,362.

Amazing. These numbers virtually match the total covid tests given, and positive cases in Japan on the same day.

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