IMF, World Bank leaders appeal for an end to trade wars


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Looks like globalists are starting to feel the heat.

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Looks like globalists are starting to feel the heat.

People here keep referring to globalists. I’m not clear who they are. Can you give some examples please? Like actual names of people and/or organizations that are globalists? And what is their agenda, that it would be feeling heat through these actions?

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We, the IMF, don't like the U.S. taking action against other countries that engage in unfair trade practices. We don't mind that the EU, China, Japan, Korea, etc. all have trade barriers and engage in currency manipulation, but the U.S. fighting back is a problem.

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"Trade wars are easy to win."

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Another translation:

'What's mine is mine';

'What's yours is ours';

'What's ours will be mine, eventually';

Stay together in this global marriage, or divorce before you loose everything?

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