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World leaders set for busy weekend of summitry in U.S.


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Cool! A big international meeting at Camp David?? Not too sure where it is but it does bring back so many memories of American presidents meeting very important heads of states from all over the world. Although I can really understand Mr.Obama wanting to use Chicago, his adopted home town that helped gain his own racial identity after being raised out in Hawaii where there are very few African Americans, but now he is the commander in chief and once in a while must play the game the old Washington DC way and take his buddies out to good old Camp David, would have been nice to see this huge meeting out in Chicago, what is so great about Camp David?? Must be some kind of historical value??

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But administration officials say Obama plans to caution Hollande, France’s first socialist president in 17 years, that Europe cannot abandon budget-cutting entirely.

I don't believe that for a second. Obama hasn't been shy about shoveling money borrowed from the Chinese out the front door of the White House in an attempt to prop up his utopian dreams for cradle to grave socialism in America. No one should expect the the Socialist President of France do any different.

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Headline from Earth:

World leaders, hats in hand, set for busy weekend of beggin' and pleadin' to a very sympathetic President, who wants to "help" the world, while millions of U.S. citizens are on food-stamps, welfare, and un-employment...

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Looks like Noda arrived on a ANA flight or a chartered ANA flight (air craft colours and that ANA services the Tokyo-IAD route).

I assume this is because "Japanese Air Force One" is out in England with the Emperor. (There are only two of these aircraft).

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G8, Has canada,Italy,Japan has any role in this summit? It is always USA. NATO summit has nobody from India,russia and china,Iran and how can they solve problems of Afghanistan without these nations. India has been sucker that it is the biggest investor in Afghanistan.

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