WTO faces irrelevance: NZ trade minister


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This is something I've been pointing out here since the onset of the TPP fanfare.

TPP is a divide-and-conquer wolf in sheep's clothing.

Why can't we work withing the GATT framework? It would seem that the TPP will have to be in conformance with GATT, at any rate.

Tarrifs are not necessarily a bad thing. For one, they protect small countries from larger countries in many ways. That is why GATT has provisions that prevent economies of scale from dictating trade policy.

Neo-liberal free-marketism is a smoke-and-mirrors screening of corporate activity against small enterprise around the world.

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I won't go into the conspiracy theories, but would like to suggest some food for thought. Efficiencies in trade bring about a higher standard of living, in general. Individualized upheavals in labour, production, distribution and other economic factors are a sore spot for humanity. But humanity doesn't look after those people properly. I think the WTO will continue to exist as long as its leader is a true free trader. It's when we're all true free traders that it works.

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