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Xi to mark Nanjing massacre amid warming Japan ties


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The words of another commentor are so on target that they worth repeating here...

=============== Mr. PerfectDec. 14, 2014 - 10:07AM JST

To all those who take issue with the Chinese president Xi's speech, a ceremony being held in Nanjing to mark the 77th anniversary of the massacre and finally the tally of the number of victims that were estimated to have been murdered, please show a little consistency!

When Japan commemorates the bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki EVERY YEAR, and every Prime Minister of Japan gives a speech, when Japanese remember the civilians killed by Allied planes during the fire-bombing of Tokyo, those killed in Okinawa or if these and other events actually occurred in the first place, you never speak up and demand that the Japanese MOVE ON and get a life! You instead show consideration and respect and rightfully so. You don't point out that Japan started the war in the first place and invaded most of Asia and was responsible for massive loss of life. You don't go on a rampage attacking the Japanese for the thousands of Koreans and other minorities that were executed following the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923, oh yeah, sorry, they were mostly Koreans so you deny that happened as well or take issue with the # of deceased.

Your racial prejudice is deafening and like so many of you when it comes to atrocities committed against the Chinese, Koreans, the Jews in Europe or any of the other victims of WWII, you always show contempt and disrespect to the victims and this is unforgivable. Move on and keep silent and let the victims and their ascendents grieve as they see fit, as you so considerately and respectfully do when it comes to the Japanese.

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Toshiko, why do you don't like Mao?

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I don;t think Xi was ever prosecuted as criminal. So, I think he will be visiting Nanjing as the head of China. Like Japanese govt people who visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Almost 70 years since Japan stopped to invade and attack other countries. Glad that Japan and China re getting friendly. Xi is not Mao anyway.

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And those criminals are the envy and admired of the world. They are rich and powerful. They are respected and get along with all kinds of people. They don’t go around smearing other people. They help their people become the largest middle class people in the world. They help a lot of nations improve the standards of living. They don’t interfere in other nation’s domestic affairs. They uphold the principles of peaceful and win-win coexistence. They make their nation stronger and set their nation on course to be the centre of the world. Now, think about what the criminals in Japan do for Japan or other nations, any improvements lately.

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the Communist Party in China is well within its rights to keep digging it up.

And so is Japan within its rights to remind everyone the criminals are in charge in China.

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I am one of the victims of atomic bomb in Hiroshima. I was 9 months old when hit. If anyone is interested in this story, I can describe exactly what my parents did for me to save my life. I am 70 years old. War brought many many things regardless of whoever started. Look at the rest of the world. Still fighting! Easy to make any comments but people need to really study its background and true history before making comments which I have been doing and will put it up when done.

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Xi has every right to mark the massacre - as Japanese do - to remember the atom bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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no doubt this will cool down realtions again.....

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The only thing that surprised me here is that this is the FIRST memorial day for the Nanjing Massacre.

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Well if the right wing in Japan feels the need to keep burying the past, the Communist Party in China is well within its rights to keep digging it up.

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How about this little story:

There are two groups of people sitting around big bowls with food. but the only way to eat is by using two meter long spoons. One group is starving because no one can handle the spoons by themselves, the other group is eating well by feeding each other.

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If Japan fully accepts the fact that the Nanjing Massacre did happen, China's plan will be flawed

How did you reach your conclusions?

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“China wants to appear conciliatory while also not forgetting the past.”

Ahahahaha, ahahaha, aha...I call BS. They could've done this a looong time ago but they didn't. Not only do they not care, they're using it as a political tool. As expected of the Chinese government, human trash, every last one of them. If Japan fully accepts the fact that the Nanjing Massacre did happen, China's plan will be flawed


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Good on Xi, and fair enough. Besides, Japan's mainstream politicians have hardly acknowledged the massacre, have they? They claim "freedom of speech" to deny atrocities - yet intimidate others who have a different point of view from them. As I recall, there was a sword competition between two officers during Japan's invasion of China, to see who could cut off the most Chinese heads. It may have been ongoing during Nanking

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Jerrysisland, the difference is that the leaders of Germany don't visit the graves of war criminals or have a different views of history compared to other countries.

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@paulinusa Probably happy that their evil propaganda is keeping the idiots below pacified.

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Is this a sad or happy occasion for nationalistic Chinese politicians?

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Rightfully so as he wishes, but it would be better to attend memorial for millions who were murdered during chairman Mao's cultural revolution. For the best, is to pay respect to Tibetans who are facing cultural genocide by China.

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There are also people denying the holocaust but they are not mainstream politicans. So what is wrong here with history and politics?

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