Xi told Abe he 'can't believe' Trump amid trade friction: source


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Only absolutely imbecilic morons believe anything that falls out of Donny's pie hole.

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"I can't believe what President Trump says" concerning trade negotiations

In both international and domestic affairs Trump's in way over his head. He's said to be unwilling to do any research on subjects he has limited knowledge of, which is most of them. He's never liked to read.

Given he spends most of his days on 'executive time' when he plays golf (300 times so far?), watches Fox and Friends plus Gorilla TV, looks after his family's investments, and fires off tweets to celebrities like Chrissy Tiegen (who?), it's clear he has little if any desire to work for what's best for the US population other than the .01%, Wall Street, big defense industries, big oil and others, including the guns and ammo industries.

Trump's the best thing that's happened to those in the alt right who want to further undermine the US, and certain 'foreign' leaders whose nations benefit from him doing so.

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They are equally mendacious.

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Who is the source close to the matter?

Is it Jim Acosta? Don Lemon? Racheal Maddow? The New York Times? The Washington Post? Buzzfeed? AOC? Manbearpig?

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Xi told Abe, pointing out that Trump's remarks proved unreliable.

Only took Xi nearly three years to figure out what so many others have already known. I wonder if Abe has figured it out yet!

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This article is like a gossip column.

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I don't believe in any politician from any country. They're all liars, cheats and hypocrites.

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"I can't believe what President Trump says"

A sentiment shared by 90% of American citizens....

The other 10% are so deluded they believe Trump when he says the British had airfields here in 1776....

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Xi always has the same facial expression in a photo-op with Abe or Trump.He's just not feeling either of them.And with good reason.

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But abe has a bromance with trump! If he goes ahead with the trade deal with trump without a guarantee on the auto industry tariffs we'll know for sure that Xi's comments fell on deaf ears.

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Xi continued to air his grievances about his U.S. counterpart, the diplomatic source told Kyodo News.

If it's true, pretty straightforward talk from Xi to the leader of another country. He obviously trusts Abe more than he trusts Trump - even if that trust has been undercut somewhat by the details of the conversation being splattered all over the media.

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I think that's an Asian way of saying he doesn't trust Abe.

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Good to see relations with China are improving. A communist country who suffered a lot more than Korea at the hands of Japan and they are looking forward towards a better future together. Without compensation or apologies needed.

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Many Americans don't believe him. He never keeps his words. Only, that he is fixated on the wall.

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With brexit, we call it winning time or telling silently 'we have you in a bottle so everything right for now'; or both.

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Meanwhile, relations between Japan and China have been improving recently, with the two sides preparing for Xi's first state visit to Japan planned for next spring.

Watch and learn, Korea !!..

Only absolutely imbecilic morons believe anything that falls out of Donny's pie hole.

Donny = First class world clown..

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I am not a fan of dictators, but I have to agree with Xi on this one.

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The pot calling the kettle black.

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As a friend of Donald Trump, I think the Chinese leader should tell him : 'Go to see a mental diagnosis or it maybe too late!' This is what friends are for!

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Xi always has the same facial expression in a photo-op with Abe or Trump.

It's because that's what true puppets look like. Western puppets tend to look like evangelistic preachers spreading the gospel of how the world should look in their imagination, and they sound like them too. However, they always have that forked tongue syndrome that arises constantly.

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BRAZE, well written. Fully agreed.

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So, one liar told another liar he can't believe a third liar. Got it.

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Freedom of expression is something communists don't get.

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I trust the Donald a lot more than I trust Xi!

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The communist bully Xi has lost his composure.

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