Yellen, Ukraine official walk out of Russia's G20 remarks


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Appropriate action considering nothing that comes out of Russian officials’ mouths can be trusted.

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Russian official are just like parasites,that feed off the rotten minds of ignorant Russian,that support his war

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Haaa Nemui, while you are right, I wouldn't narrow it down only to Russian officials.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

what a "serious action"... bunch of unskilled clowns walked away...and so...what?

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My opinion on this is the same as the UN walkout a while back. Pathetic and they deserve to be replaced immediately. Political grandstanding at best to win some social media brownie points.

Your job is to talk to people and come to terms on a variety of issues. Yes, sometimes that means you’ll have to talk to people you disagree with. Nothing gets better by holding your hands over your ears and ignoring the problem.

We teach better to children in kindergarten.

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The reason I could never work at such a high level, I would have been giving Ivan a rude hand gesture as I walked out.

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Political grandstanding at best to win some social media brownie points.

No. That was an absolutely appropriate diplomatic response / snub. You can be certain those involved were acting on the advice if not the direct orders of their respective national leadership to leave if Russia showed up to speak.

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Putin reign of terror and war crimes must end, the slaughter of innocence, children is a abomination.

How far the murder and mayhem prevails before the time will come went the global community make a choice.

Converse with the war criminal or pick a side a be prepared to commit to a possible nuclear war.

The time is probably past, so fully arm Ukraine and be done with it.

Send a clear message out to the Government of China the days of despots are over.

There will be nothing left to hold a may day parade.

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Such bravery. Speaking truth to power. /s

What is next, they will put tiny Ukranian flag emojis in their Twitter feeds?

-1 ( +3 / -4 )


Probably lapel pins, it is the politician equivalent of a twitter bio line emoji.

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President Joe Biden has said that Russia should not remain a member of the G20

President Joe Biden says a lot of strange things

Just forget

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