Yoshiro Mori: Gaffe-prone Tokyo 2020 chief and former Japan PM


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From continuing a game of golf after a deadly marine accident off Japan's coast to publicly sneering at the performance of a popular Japanese figure skater, the 83-year-old is no stranger to public missteps.

On Thursday he apologized for saying women "have difficulty" speaking concisely, but then dug a deeper hole when he insisted he had heard complaints that women speak at length.

In many of the capitalist democracies of the world, there seems to be a phenomenon where borderline cretins born to privlege like Mori rise to the top and their lack of talent and ability bring them lives of ease,wealth and high position.

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@dagon spot on!!Cretin is the correct word !

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Lets take a look shall we?

On Thursday he apologized for saying women "have difficulty" speaking concisely,

Soon after taking office he declared Japan "a country of gods centered around the emperor"

During an election campaign, he said he hoped swing voters who might not support his ruling Liberal Democratic Party would "sleep in on polling day".

"That girl, she always falls over whenever it's important," Mori sniped amid widespread disappointment after Asada slipped on her trademark jump to end in lowly 16th position."She slipped over just like that. We knew Japan couldn't win" the national team competition, he said.

And women have difficulty speaking concisely??

"She wouldn't have had to embarrass herself."*

Who's the one embarrassing themselves??

He is being set-up to be used as reason that games will not held. A scape-goat of sorts.

This is the beginning of the end of the 2021 Olympics.

Hope so.

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One man's gaffe is another man's basic truth.

"Gaffe" means unintentional and brings embarrassment to the one who says it. Nothing Mori says is unintentional and he could care less what people think.

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Unfortunately, to generalize, he reflects the basic mentality of most of the old geezers who run the country. It's no wonder Japan finds itself in this current crisis with the LDP having deer in the headlights syndrome.

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He's elderly, has had recent health problems and was STILL reluctant to wear a mask???

I don't believe he's sorry for his comments regarding women. I believe he's sorry his comments gained so much media attention.

Unfortunately flying monkeys will ensure his position remains secure.

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After perusing this AFP Kyoko Hasegawa article.

It just beggar’s belief the reasoning for deeming Yoshiro Mori a suitable choice, or momentary appropriate to be awarded a role as the prestigious Head of the Tokyo Olympic committee responsible for the organization of a multi-billion-dollar sports festival.

Call the flipping nurse, put the white coats on standby-by, Japan and Tokyo jaded tax payers are being force-fed a lesson in absurdity boarding on the outright deranged.

Mori is an outright public relations disaster zone.

Please, name and shame the committee/panel that is responsible for Mori appointment

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Yes, but at least in capitalist democracies a great many other kinds of people can also participate in governance.

You're suggesting other societies have less of this? That's ludicrous.

Everywhere else in the world it is ONLY talentless cretins born to privilege who run the show.

I am suggesting that in countries where crony capitalism reigns, unlike in social democracies like New Zealand and Denmark for example, you get a larger percentage of borderline cretins like Mori at the top.

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I find his facial expressions interesting to look at when he talks. Shimura Ken could have made Mori a star.

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This is a disaster of an event's promotion!

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He's not gaffe prone. He is professing deeply held sentiments. He's a scion of wealth and entitlement expressing the views of his class - which are autocratic & paternalistic and misogynist. He also reflects a base corruption as indicated by the shenanigans associated with obtaining the games and money being laundered through southeast Asia, that were essentially payoffs & bribes.

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I really hate the use of the word "gaffe" to describe the controversial things that he - and many other mostly LDP politicians - says.

"Gaffe" implies that he accidentally said something he didn't really intend to say. This is not the case. In ever bloody one of these comments the words that come out of his mouth are exactly what he intended to say.

The headline should not say that he is "gaffe prone", it should say that he is a sexist old man who says things which accurately reflect the fact that he is a sexist old man.

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He just doesn't look as if he's got long, to be honest.

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One of the dumbest PMs in JP history.

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Mori has always been "gaffer-gold" which just comes with the above-the-cloud territory of an incorrigible LDP "Untouchable" with the hide of a rhino.

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These are not accidental statements!

Mori is a bigot who doesn't belong anywhere near politics. Who is he supposed to represent?

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It's his opinion and he's welcome to have one, as we all are

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Understanding Mori... Self-centered & lack of "Modern" day empathy fakeness (as most is in reality).

He's the perfect scapegoat for scrapping the Olympics this year in Japan, and whilst doing so, escalating the call for a boycott of the Chinese Winter Olympics over the treatment of their internal Muslim community & the Hong Kong situation.

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