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YouTuber-turned-lawmaker set to lose seat for missing Diet sessions


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Return the money, either him personally or the dang NHK Party.

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Gotta admit, this tool is a legend.

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He shows us how much people can become shallow.

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It seems that the YoutTuber-turned lawmaker makes short shrift of the Diet, a supreme law-making body of the nation. To him, chats on YouTube and discussions of policy matters in the Diet is no different. 

But beware that this may be the trend of the young mind in Japan. So, watch the development of the case very carefully.

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..I mean - it's my taxes being wasted by idiot Japanese people ELECTING such tool in such a position. I feel angry and I can't fix it... the TikToks should have election right removed, as they're capable of such stupid moves.

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Instead of returning, GaaSyy submitted a video apology to the upper house, but the chamber refused to accept it.

I would refuse it, too. Apology without future mends is baseless and shallow.

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Did it for the money. What is the NHK party?

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NHK is a public broadcaster funded by fees collected publicly. Regardless of whether you watch/listen to NHK or not, you have to pay reception fees. Under law, its programs must be objective and authentic. Unlike civilian TV programs replete with commercials, there's no such commercials. I, for one, therefor watch NHK most of the time.

But some young people don't like NHK due to its airs of self-importance and especially due to the way the fees are collected.

The NHK party is a political party founded on the basis of Public Offices Election Act with the soul aim of dismounting NHK.

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