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50 years after JFK's assassination, conspiracy theories remain over who actually killed him. Which of the following is closest to your point of view?

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None of the above answer the most important question:

WHO organised the assassination of JFK?

It doesn't really matter who pulled the trigger. The person to identify is the one who set it up in the first place.

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As my knowledge of the assassination amounts to watching the excellent Oliver Stone JFK movie, I find it difficult to choose any of the above with confidence. Perhaps the only thing I can say is that Kevin Costner should be remembered for that film and not Waterworld.

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I tend to think that certain circles in the U.S. government got tired of his willful policies. Especially ones that concerned the FRS. His policies were in most cases good, but he overestimated the power he actually wielded and his stubborn character made him many enemies in the influential circles.

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It's no surprise that there are a lot of conspiracy theories concerning the JFK assassination. In the absence of any actual evidence to support them though, I prefer to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was just a non-affiliated assassin. Something to keep in mind is that Ronald Reagan was very nearly assassinated as well, yet because he survived nobody thinks that his assailant was wrapped up in some great conspiracy.

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Read Reclaiming History by Vincent Bugliosi, an expert on the case. Oswald did it, there's a ton of evidence as to why this is so and no counter-evidence at all. Jack Ruby was lucky enough to get into the police station at the right moment to shoot him. The rest is "I Want to Believe" self-delusion and conspiracy theorists who incidentally make a lot of money off getting you to believe crap.

More info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reclaiming_History

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Reclaiming History. A book also known as Reframing Oswald. A book full of 'probablies' and 'most likelies'.

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Did it mention the 'magic bullet'? Becuase I didn't think anyone had been able to fully explain that

4 ( +6 / -2 )

I wholly believe that the assassination of Kennedy was orchestrated by the US government. If you look at what Kennedy was doing and how poor/in trouble a lot of wealthy, influential people were going to be... I refuse to believe Oswald made that impossible shot, and that the people around him's hands are completely clean.

6 ( +9 / -3 )

the fatal head shot was fired by a secret service agent in the car following Kennedy....he had been out boozing till 3am (as had most of the agents) and when he heard the first shot, cocked his gun and misfired as the motorcade sped up after the first shot.... the bullet type matched that used by the secret service - not that of Oswald whose bullets were different..... sure Oswald tried to kill him, but the fatal shot was an accident (then covered up by the secret service on many levels)

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Language changes, and not always for the better. I despise the term "conspiracy theory". It is used to mean a half-baked theory about world events made with little to no proof. But all the word conspiracy means is three or more people got together to make something happen. Theorizing that three or more people made something happen is not automatically crackpot.

And suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone is not crackpot either. Its actually harder to believe he acted alone considering what it would take to get those shots off like the Warren Commission explained. Even nostromo's theory is easier to believe.

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the fatal head shot was fired by a secret service agent in the car following Kennedy....

That's a fairly recent theory that, while fascinating, isn't supported by evidence as conclusively as most would like.

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Irrespective of whatever theory people espouse, it's a matter of supreme frustration that no single explanation has succeeded in conclusively and convincingly accounting for all the loose ends and inconsistencies surrounding the death of JFK. But that in itself does not necessarily prove or disprove that a conspiracy existed either! Even fictional sleuths like Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes would be left scratching their heads in bewilderment.

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Absolutely no doubt in my mind that another shooter was involved given that investigation of the warren commission was completely botched-up from beginning to end!

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WHO organised the assassination of JFK?

CIA and the military industrial complex.

Kennedy openly hated both, and made it clear he wanted to break them apart. The feeling was mutual.

Ever wonder why NO U.S. president has openly criticized either since then?

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Reasons I've heard over the last 30 years.

JFK wanted to end the Fed. Res.

JFK wouldn't sell nukes to Israel.

JFK wanted out of Vietnam.

Oswald was a patsy.

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Recent reports say that Kennedy was first shot by Oswald, then by his own Secret Service agent who's pistol went off as he scrambled over the back of the limo. It will be very interesting to learn more about the agent and what the SS actually know and cover up.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I wish there was the option: I don't care!

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

o How the hell would I know.

(That's the button I'd click).

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WHO organised the assassination of JFK?

Presumes a conspiracy.

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If you get a chance watch the Zapruder film. Abraham Zapruder was filming when Kennedy was shot. There is one image that blows the single shooter theory (in my opinion). Kennedys limo was well past Oswald, meaning Oswald would have been shooting at Kennedy from behind. However Kennedys head moves back and to the left when it is hit...meaning the bullet came from the front...at that point you see Mrs. Kennedy scramble onto the back of the limo trying to get what appeared to be (pardon me for sounding cold but) a piece of his head.

I do not subscribe to the "Magic Bullet Theory" and when one takes into consideration that his brother was assassinated too.....well it seems there is much more to the story than what little the public is told.

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That's a fairly recent theory that, while fascinating, isn't supported by evidence as conclusively as most would like.

Yes, I've seen a doco on that theory and it's conclusions I think are flimsy at best - pretty much that JFK was one of the unluckiest guys on the planet that day.

He got hit by a ricochet that hit the ground first. So, Oswald's first shot missed by a country mile, only to then ricochet off the road and hit it's intended target after all. Very unlikely.

His next shot is a kill shot, right through the base of his neck.

The secret service agent in the following car who is hungover then panics, picks up an assault rifle, accidentally discharges it, and just happens to shoot JFK plumb in the head. HIGHLY unlikely indeed.

Put the three together, and, well.

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he didnt die he is living in Acapolco with Elvis.

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