Do you support the U.S. government's decision to impose tariffs of 25% on imports of steel and 10% on aluminum on Canada, Mexico, the EU and Japan?

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Japan is putting up new trade barriers BECAUSE it joined the TPP - a free trade agreement - so if it would get Japan to have a rethink then it can't be all bad.

Also the Nikkei newspaper said a few months back that the effect of a steel tariff would be minimal as Japanese steel is "irreplaceable" so I'll go with that

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Tariffs on countries that don't have adequate pollution laws, workers rights, break sanctions, etc. make sense. Tariffs on countries that play by the rules, especially allies, it just shooting the USA in the foot.

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If you wanna start a trade war...Yes.

If you wanna keep your friends and lead by example...No.

A little give and take goes a long way in life. Especially in diplomacy.

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The more the Brain-Dead POTUS slaps tariffs on friends and trading partners, the more China will rise to be the new super power. Which I think Cheeto-Head wants so he can make more money with his crappy hotels and casinos in China. I hope those who voted for him realize he doesn’t give a cr@p about them; only his own income.

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The U.S should focus on China and use its alliance network to offset the losses from China's corresponding tariffs in response on pork, soy etc etc. In saying that, the U.S should make it very plain that they will not tolerate excessive tariffs among trade partners, even allies and seek to bring them down cooperatively.

Its not like they don't have power. They could send the German car industry into the toilet if they want.

They should join the TPP.

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He has to finish that great wall within his government term and he didn't give up, he stated many times he need more money to build it. These tariffs are the sequence of all those he planned but failed to be domestic ones or to Mexico built it and rejected, but this one isn't domestic and much easier to him convince the USA citizens. Well, I don't think he is sane for this when American big corporations will pronounce disadvantage or the US stock-market will collapse in a few months.

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Although these tarrifs might cause a few problems for my native country, I can understand why the USA has done this.

I consider governments like that of Japans mostly responsible for the USA' s action (or re-action).

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He should have imposed restrictions on China and then slapped restrictions on the allies which didn't follow suit. He could have then accused them of supporting unfair trade practices by not slapping tariffs on China. What he's done here is alienate the US. Nothing more.

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'No' is a no-brainer! Which implies that support for imposing tariffs is an act by someone with no brains.

Disregard for WTO rules, spirit of globalised free trade (which is problematic anyway) not politic to allies or regional neighbours, and pays little attention to outcomes such as responses by affected parties.

For instance China for all its economic liberalization still has at heart a command economy, is probably more inward-looking than the US and an attitude of following international protocols at its convenience. They have a flexibility and ways to avoid internal open criticism that the US does not have.

Does Trump, making this brainless decision using his executive prerogative without going through policy and other administrative committees, etc. and going for an arbitrary 25% figure seemingly pulled out of thin air, really think that the Chinese are going to stand around cheering and applauding. They are not the attendees at his rallies with his mid-western economically hard-done-by core support base.

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