Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read?

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Yes, these companies wouldn't grow to the size they are today if they don't manage what people can see that will affect them or they can profit from.

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Yes and no, although I rather tend to no. Yes, they'll show what will likely keep people on their website. But ultimately it is the user's choice not to look for information at some other place. It is not like people don't have other options and if they choose not to use other sources then they are at least as much at fault as the big companies. If people were actively looking for other sources, it would be far less an issue what all the tech giants are doing in that respect.

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No, they cannot fully control that big amount of data. They also don’t have the resources for such an unprofitable area within their business. They can only manipulate a little bit to generate income, for example bringing sponsor’s websites at the top of searching or ranking results. The big rest they cannot handle and it would decrease their profits if they try or insist in doing it.

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There is nothing stopping the users from researching all areas of the internet to get a full picture on a topic ect, just like you would books , people seem to forget the olden days when you had to research a few books and textbooks for an assignment not just one.

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Not at all. People choose to use them. I and others choose not to.

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It's become glaringly obvious in the past week that especially Facebook, Twitter and Google are guilty of suppressing / hiding information even before confirming whether or not it is false. Unconscionable.

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Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Google are the worse, they are guilty of trying to persuade ones views and suppressing the ability for one to respond to an article their writers wrote. They are pretty much guilty period I would call it disallowing people especially in the US from freedom of expression while, they create the content they want you to believe as if to take it but not leave it, but believe it.

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My problem with those hightech companies is using my data without my clear acknowledgment.

There is no recap on what they know about you. Censorship is also a matter as justification is needed why you would be censored.

Otherwise, I must admit it allows quite a few life improvements.

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Not at all. People choose to use them. I and others choose not to.

I half agree with this. I used to really like Facebook, like 10 years ago it was a really good platform for keeping in touch with people. It was especially useful for those of us living in Japan far away from friends and relatives back home. I'd open it up on an average day and see dozens of updates from people I knew and I was often sharing stuff of my own. Great.

But over time my news feed slowly evolved away from meaningful updates by friends and relatives to being dominated by content that I wasn't requesting. Now easily 80% of it is either ads or blooper or fail vidoes from various pages I've never heard of and don't follow. Facebook's algorithms at some point figured out that I liked blooper videos probably because I do like blooper videos and would sometimes pause to watch one that a friend posted. Now, its all Facebook gives me.

This didn't happen all at once, but slowly over time and one day I just kind of asked myself "Where did all the actual people I know go?" Facebook had transformed itself from being a place I could get some meaningful reaction with actual people I know and care about to being a place that was constantly shoving blooper videos in my face. For about 90% of my "friends" I hadn't seen a post in years. Most of them had probably just gotten tired of being fed the same garbage and quit. Which is what I did. I still maintain the account since there are a few people I'm only connected with on there, and my aunt who I love dearly still uses it to post pictures, so I basically check in once a week, make a beeline to my aunt's page to make some nice comments on her pics, then immediately log out.

Throwing blooper videos at me is fairly benign, but I would say Facebook has used that power to turn itself from being something useful to basically a garbage website. And for other people who like conspiracy theories or racist content Facebook is probably throwing that stuff at them the same way it threw blooper videos at me, which I think is pretty harmful.

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All media has too much control on what people see read and can say, even here !

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If refering to ads and target marketing, is there a point to see an ad you are not interested in?

If search results, part of it's up to you what you search for... If you want a more balanced and less targeted approach then they would have to decide on the "balance" what ever that is and in a way more controling...

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No! Not even close.

The BIG 6

1 National Amusements - Sumner Redstone

2 Disney

3 AT&T

4 Comcast - Brian L. Roberts

5 News Corp - Rupert Murdoch

6 Sony

Their holdings will boggle the mind.


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Went to Agricultural farm for a month, all the farmers there don't have these social accounts and they're all happy working and talking in a group with their teasings and laughs with each other.

I and my friend were the ones checking the accounts time to time, but for what? What did we even enjoy with our time mainly spending on the screen. Now i have only one email account and that's the only thing i need for this modern tech life.

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They grew because they are the best at what they do. If you don't like them, set up your own platform and do what you want to do.

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They grew because they are the best at what they do. If you don't like them, set up your own platform and do what you want to do.

Agree 100%. The people who constantly moan about them censoring "news" seem to always be those who cannot stay off them ie Trump and his lowly-educated fanatics.

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There is nothing stopping the users from researching all areas of the internet

It's different when they are actively trying to take over all areas of the internet so they can force their views on everyone. There is very little competition to Google's web browser and they control the information there too, often extremely liberal bias.

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Cciaw, but there is practically nothing stopping you from making another browser... You literally choose to download chrome, no? Its not explorer that comes with windows... alternate for Search engine wise, good luck with that.

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Trump and his lowly-educated fanatics.

It's "poorly educated," not "lowly-educated."

Now you have been educated by a Trump fan.

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