Have you found that your smartphone has gotten you into the habit of spending more time checking work messages or reading work-related materials or emails in your “off” time at home?

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I think the problem is that the bosses are assuming their employees should do it just because it is more convenient.

I know of a case where the work load off time and on the weekends gradually increased as the bosses kept sending e-mail to be dealt with immediately, even on the weekends. Fortunately the IT department of this place made a requirement that for the e-mail system to be used on smartphones they should have installed a "security software" application and run it constantly on the phone.

This app was nothing but stalkerware that recorded everything done in the phone for "security purposes" and understandably it was universally rejected, the bosses included. Now nobody can use the e-mail server on their phones and proper separation of work and private time was restored.

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No. sometimes I'll get an email but i won't answer. simple

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I'm assuming the question is meant to ask you if you are "working" more through your smartphone, but the bottom line is smartphones have made accessing work material easier, so work or not the answer for most people is "yes". I check on my smartphone when I get messages of payment from clients has gone through, clicking on the URLs in the email, taking me directly to my online banking. That's just one example. Now, is that work? maybe... but it's surely a lot less time-consuming than lining up at a bank window or behind elderly people who have made using the ATM a full-time job so I can get my bankbook updated to check.

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Actually, I've been very late to reply and have outright missed some important messages because my feeling is that when I leave the office I'm off work and not obligated to check email or fo anything related to work. Some weekends I totally refuse to look at anything related to work but on others I might have a quick look. My smartphone has gotten me into the habit of playing Wordle. That's about it.

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as for me to have Iphone is necessary for character of my work and business however i am not "iSlave" and when work is over today Iphone is off....

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In Western Europe there is a lot of peer pressure to segregate your work life and home life (making friends in the workplace if often frowned upon) so I brought the same way-of-living to Japan since smartphone checking isn't established in Japan yet.

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I have zero work-related stuff on my phone. We're a remote-only company, and heavily use Zoom, Slack, etc...but I deliberately don't have those apps installed, and my employer has no problem with that. We just don't have a work culture that demands off-hours work/availability except under genuinely special circumstances...and that's what the laptop is for.

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In my case, it's a solid no. I always keep my work-related lines of communication on mute and would strictly not reply to any attempts to contact me once I punch out of work. I'm not working in emergency services nor in any critical line of work, so any concern they might have, it can wait until the following morning. I've taken flak for this, but there's a price to pay when you draw your own lines.

virusrexAug. 29  07:49 am JST

I think the problem is that the bosses are assuming their employees should do it just because it is more convenient.

I was going to say this. Since the pandemic started and nearly everyone started working remotely, bosses assume that its employees can spare more time to work for free. This happened to me at my first and current jobs, the bosses assume that it is okay to be contacted after hours. In my experience, I've found out that employees who do peek at their work-related lines of communication tend to be contacted more than those who completely shut off after hours. So that's one thing to consider.

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What's even worse as a father of 3 kids, they were spending much more time with my smartphone than their homework and study. As a result, I changed my password, restricted their use of certain apps on my phone, and put away my phone while I'm at home. I almost feels like the 80s and 90s at home now.

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I have a laptop that I have to take home with me every day, but I don't often open it after hours, and I don't use my phone for work at all.

Everybody complains about how much time people spend looking at phone screens but part of the problem is that society is forcing people to use them for so many things. The train lines want you to pay your train fare with a phone; companies have replaced time cards with a phone app; restaurants want you to look at the menu by scanning a QR code with your phone. I remember getting a smartphone for the first time around 2010 and being excited at how functional it was. Unfortunately more than a decade later, it is becoming more of a burden than a convenience.

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My idiot boss tried telling me that he expected me to be reachable 24/7.

I told him that as soon as he started paying me 24/7, we could discuss it.

Work phone goes off the minute I leave the office, and doesn't get turned on again until my arse touches my chair at work the next morning.

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No, I basically refuse to look at work emails on the weekends, or even at night on work nights if I feel I'm not really behind on anything. I do check it periodically on vacation just to make sure there aren't any raging fires I need to put out that might lose significant business, and to keep pokers in the fire on big opportunities.

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Absolutely not.

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I'm falling into the habit of checking email from work, which I think does not provide good effect on my life. However, in Japan, such habit is rife in business field. I do not figure out exactly why, but it relates to culture nad nationality. And many workers do not concern it, thinking it natural as business person.

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I dont have email set up on my phone. I use it basically as a phone and that is all.

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When you agreed to work for a company you agreedbon hours and compensation. Do exactly what you're hired to do and paid to do. If you do extra work for free, you're not only screwing your own work/life balance, you're screwing other people's as well.

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I work for myself, my clients are going to contact me directly when they please.

It hasn't been so bad as doing business overseas literally collapsed during Covid so only Japan and most clients also don't want to talk business after hours.

But I find my "smartphone" a major pain, intrusive and no you cannot just not have one anymore.

My mother doesn't and found just trying to go to a funeral across the USA Canada border was near impossible because you need you vaccine proof on an App called ArriveCan and mobile access to prove vaccination.

Don't have a smartphone then it becomes a real nightmare.

I hate my smartphone but what choice do I have, business, clients even expected to be able to contact you at all times now.

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Antique,you can show a card,as proof of vaccination

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Today 07:08 pm JST

Antique,you can show a card,as proof of vaccination

No you can't. If you don't have a smartphone you need to go through fat more steps.

From the government of Canada website

all travellers coming into Canada are required to submit their information to the ArriveCAN app — or the website version if they don't have a smartphone — up to 72 hours before entering

The second part or the website, it funny because once you actually try you realize it is not an easy process.

My mother is in her mid 80s and not well so a process she gets very confused about and my father needs to do it.

They have proof of vaccine from the Quebec government but just showing that isn't acceptable.

This is why I say these phones are intrusive and also discrimination to those without financial means, visually impaired, etc...

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I have my own smartphone and a work smartphone. Work phone is switched off at knocking off time and not switched on again until 7:30 on a Monday. My personal phone doesn't have access to work emails. Work is work, my private time is my own... never the twain shall meet.

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