Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats or should it rely on the U.S. nuclear umbrella?

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Yes it should rely on the nuclear umbrella OR no it should not have its own nuclear capability?

Y'know you should try harder on those OR questions, since I am confused as to what am I signing for when voting either answers...

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Where's the 'Pardon?' button?

The question is impossible to answer Yes/No.

And where's the preview button gone to?

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No country should possess weapons of mass destruction-isn't that obvious?

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That is in a perfect world kurisupisu, I agree full heartedly, but you also do not want to be the one with no defense and they start pointing them at you.

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Why is this a yes or no question, there are alternative method in deterring nuclear armament.

There are various ABM technology including rail gun technology which could shoot down incoming missiles to ensure multi-layered defense against a nuclear threat.

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heeeeeeeeeeellllllll nooooooooo.

they can't even manage their pension system

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Hell no, Not even Arm forces, There stuck with the SDF until they start acting like a good international citizen. First Japan can do sometime about women equality, Their lies about their purpose of whale and hide behind science. Public display of honouring international war crimes and criminals, The underhand events preceding the war where they used their Chemical weapons program as bargaining chip to exempt some of the elite of Government of war crimes. It would be insulting to neibourghood who have a good record of being a international citizens, Philippines, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malayisa and more. No way.

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This is purely an academic question, Japan would lose it's "victim" status right quick and be called out as hypocrites on the world stage, IF they even starting considering developing nukes.

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As @ Cleo says,

"The question is impossible to answer Yes/No.

... as it appears.

An answer 'No' to the current question is possible if you prefer a Utopian, perfect-world scenario of no nuclear weapons on earth.

But this is not a perfect world:

there are nuclear weapons, which Japan of all nations knows that it does not need,

AND JT asked a puzzlingly loaded question by mistake (as well as destroying the perfectly usable format of their website last week)
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Yes, Japan should have it's own nuclear deterrent.

No, Japan should not rely on the U.S. nuclear umbrella.

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Unfortunately the one able to sink toy aircraft carriers in his bathtub only understands one language.

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He promised his father that he would not deviate from the nuclear path as the only way for DPRK to gain respect in the world.

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So how should Japan and South Korea deal with him?

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It's time for US military to move out of the pacific region. Japan should consider nuclear weapons or become a Chinese puppet..

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Right フニオー. World has always been in a mess.

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Yeah this polls wording was a mistake....But to be explicit with my opinion, I think Japan should not develop it's on nuclear weapons. If Japan were to do so, South Korea would develop weapons to match, forcing North Korea to try harder and giving China reason to expand militarily. It would be destabilizing to say the least.

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The more countries with nukes, the more likely someone, somewhere, sometime will end up pushing the button.

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No. This is what their alliance with the US is for - so they don't need them.

Why else would you tolerate so much US military hardware, and so many Americans on your soil?

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We should try to prevent war. The next World War will be the last one as the human species will become extinct in a huge cloud of fire and radiation and the nuclear winter that follows.

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The person who made the question needs to go back and study what the answer to an "OR" question is.

Besides that, no Japan should not develop its own nuclear weapons. We don't need more countries with them. Fewer!!! They should rely on the USA temporarily until we are done with them in places where we don't want them, and then concentrate on getting the nuclear powers to also ditch them so that we can be completely free from them, but something tells me that is going to be way, way, way down the road. Which also means that considerable change could come in Japan. We never thought that the USA would elect such an ignorant, pompous, irresponsible jerk like Dumb, Dumb Donald, but it did and now we are all frightened even more as to what could happen in the future. That very same thing could happen in Japan as well, so I don't want us to have to worry about fixing that problem down the road too.

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Looks as if someone is still stuck in cold war mindset.

The US Navy had unloaded all their nuclear tipped arsenal from their surface ships in the 90's and all nuclear bombs are now located in mainland US or on subs.

I do not believe the US still have any tactical nukes within their arsenal.

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There's a nuke carrying sub currently off the Korean coast.

Nope that is a SSGN that carries tomahawk missiles it was converted from a SSBN under SALT??.

SSBNs do not make port calls during patrol and heads straight back to home after their patrol mission.

Most all navies does not grant inspections on subs regardless of whether they carry nukes or not.

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Ideally, no country should have such weapons. But as long as other countries have them, why not.

In fact, I would trust these weapons in Japanese hands more than in the hands of any country that currently has them.

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Is this a rigged question? Yes/No answers for 2 questions? LOL. I don't think anyone should have nuclear weapons. I think it's about time we all got along and grew up. We teach children to love and care for one another, then when we grow up....we kill instead of talking about it. Crap world this is.

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No one can answer this question as it's impossible to say yes or no with how it's set up (it asks TWO questions in contradiction). Is no one editing these survey questions?

Japan should have whatever weapons it thinks it needs to protect itself. It's not my business to tell Japan which weapons to have, frankly. That's for the Japanese to decide.

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