What's your stance on the new law to criminalize the planning of serious crimes, which has provoked large protests by opponents who say it could lead to abuse of power and curtail freedom of expression?

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I'm torn. I support the idea of punishment for planning serious crimes... IMO planning is only one step from executing an attempt.

What bothers me is the surveillance required for such law to be successful. It's quite scary.

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Why do people worry about being watched? didn't you know that if you use a smartphone and other apps then your already being watched. Nothing to hide here so go ahead and spy on me.

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Don't care if they monitor my communications and browsing, very boring and dull.

JT might be the most interesting site I visit, few hobby related forae and news sites

Add in they better learn all 6 languages I use

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For those who favor, you may consider that

first, its language is broad and vague and

second, it links mundane crimes to terrorism.

Taken together, the law evicerates any and all rights to privacy guaranteed by the Constitution.

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Those who know victims or were victims themselves, are likely to support this type of law.

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Seems to me that the problem with the law is that it criminalizes "planning" of trivial crimes, not just serious ones. I don't think many people have a problem with arrests for planning a murder or terrorist attack but you can guarantee this sledgehammer will be used to whack some inconvenient people for something trivial.

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Government should be a helping hand to the taxpayers and citizens, . . . not a fist.

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State tyranny is well and alive and this law opens doors to even more of it. And of course as always it's just for our safety... Anyone still buying into this? I am surely not!

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I oppose. That's not what this law is for, but to provide a blanket intrusion into privacy and the creation of a police state afraid of criticism and a free press. If it was really about "law enforcement" then all Japan has to do is actually enforce its laws.

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