Which do you trust the most for news coverage: mainstream media or social media?

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I don't trust any of the media. It's all been bought by politicians and vested interests. Including, I strongly suspect JT.

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Trust is one thing. Prediction is another. Even Trump feels he can predict mainstream media even though he does not trust it. Predicting social media? Hah! In a sense it is there to defy prediction, news included.

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Including, I strongly suspect JT.

JT is owned by a corporation called GPlusMedia Inc, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Media Lab LLC, which in turn is controlled by Fuji Media Holdings Inc, the overall holding company of the Fuji Media group. The largest shareholder in that is Toho (the movie company), though it only controls about 8% of the stock.

Not sure if there is much of a conspiracy in there.

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I trust media respected, old-school, media that reports facts without trying to "make it local" in some way or explain why something is important FROM THEIR perspective.

Just the fact, please. I can think for myself about what it means.

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I expect JT to be slanted with a Japanese view of the world, that is the attraction for me here. I don't expect it to be 80% US liberals.

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Not much to respect concerning "news" these days. Journalism is a dead art. Has been for a long time, W. Kronkite, etc., very liberal biased. Like theFu said, give us the facts, do reporting, we can think. There's a place for an opinion show as long as it's not trying to act like its real news. And (M. Kelly!), we do know when a so-called journalist is arrogant and only a lawyer in TV because they can make way more money being on TV than practicing law.

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American MSM is owned and controlled by a very few so I need to check the source several times. The British media a little better but only a little.

For really import issues, Democracy Now, Mother Jones, Truthout. Gone are the days of community printing presses turning out local papers on local issues to be replaced by social media which I gave up using more than five years ago.

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Which do I trust the most, MSM or social media? Good and bad for both.

Even with eye witness events, the social media tweets and Facebook turn out to be incorrect. Less journalists seem to do any real fact checking probably just a quick Google.

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I trust so-called mainstream media.

The BBC is owned by the tax payer, but is accused of being left-leaning or right-leaning depending on who you speak to. ITN, Independent Television News, is owned by a group of companies, none of which are political. These are the broadcasters I trust.

I don't buy newspapers (the news is already old) as they have political agendas.

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Can't trust either. Mainstream shoves their BS political views down your throat and only tell you the story they want you to hear/read/see. Can't trust CNN or FOX News especially. They are probably the worst and CNN is truly the personification of "fake news".

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For years mainstream media have promoted the political affiliations of their owners. The BBC and NHK are among the worst so called unbiased media outlets. If you want to know the truth you need to balance each report from multiple sources while understanding the bias of each source. I use RT / JT / Daily Mail / MSNBC and other sources to pick apart the bias and get to the grains of truth in each article.

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BBC. Both the far left and far right despise the organisation so they must be doing something right.

As for who I don't trust? Bretibart, Infowars and any link to youtube that purports to be "news" or "current affairs". Oh my!

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Most of the social media is complete trash, but I do find some sources I trust. The MSM (western), on the other hand, all have obvious agendas that heavily distorts their "news". When you have board members who are in both the MSM and MIC, of course they'll be cheering for wars.

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so much winning!

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The most of media are biased. Even if put aside editorial policy dictated by company owners there is such thing as indisputable knowledge or social myth which is a corner stone of a society the media serves.

E.g. bad things - communism, non-tolerant society and so on but democracy and liberal economy are the only way to prosper. IMHO, it's an oversimplification and a lack of critical thinking the same time is what journalist community broadcasts in one way or another, at least the most vocal and influential part. No one wants to be pariah.

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My eyes.

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Unless you're a rabid conspiracy theorist, it's a ridiculous question. "Mainstream media" (or as it should properly be called, professional media that operates according to standards) faces consequences when it is fraudulent or in error. We even have a legal system in place with a means to seek punitive damages against a journalist who lies about you (though curiously the people who trumpet about "the mainstream media" never seem to pursue these options. Gee, I wonder why.)

As opposed to a social media post, where there are no consequences for getting anything wrong or outright lying.

No comparison.

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Oh, you can only comment if you vote, and I did not want to vote, so no comment box was offered!

The question is which do you trust most, as if there are degrees of trust which can be compared. I have to say that I take everything suspiciously, ie with a healthy measure of doubt. Some news is better than none at all, so I shop around like Zed P above, including news from Middle Eastern rivals Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. So I guess I read, sift, and reserving judgement, try to arrive as close to the central event as possible.

Now I cannot even remember which one I chose above! (Especially since the circle stayed white.)

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