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Are social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook changing the news gathering and disseminating process for better or for worse?

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Only if people do their due diligence to check where the news is coming from and whether its sources are reliable.

Otherwise most people would just believe anything on their internet once it becomes viral, clicks and re-shares supersedes the information's integrity.

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Where is the answer that says it has no better or worse effect?

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JJ JetplaneToday  05:20 pm JST

Where is the answer that says it has no better or worse effect?

I guess you've haven't read many Twitter posts.

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When so many people in public eye, from Trump to an AKB-affiliate member use social media as a preferred medium, and news media people lack the skill or patience to look beyond, the answer is pretty clear.

With social media, the amount of discourse has expanded expotentially too. Therefore, sorting through the trash for fact or truth has become harder than ever: from Trump saying fake news media are blaming him for the Christchurch masacre to the perpetrator putting his deeds on Facebook to Chinese firewallers reportedly delaying taking the posts down for 48 hours for their governments own ends - it is distraction as well as witchhunting getting in the way of any balance or clarity.

Japan is not immune.

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For better: it's democratizing news.

For worse: it's democratizing news.

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Yeah cause more biased from Google search, all the American news feeds and all the local feeds here brainwashing opinions isn't enough to create a world like that in Equilibrium and Demolition Man, those movies were a hint to the current day

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