Are you better off financially than you were this time last year?

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Damn, only 14% say yes whilst 43% say no.

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I'm one of the 22%.

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Salary down; hours up. Investments back home plummeted.

So, much worse off than last year.

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@darknuts I'm so happy for you!

@Thon Hang in there, buddy! You still got your health, right? That's the most important thing.

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Hmm. Well, I haven't had to work the Christmas/New Year's shift for many, many years so in that respect, I guess I'm in a better place.

Im general, I find talking about finances to be very bourgeois and vulgar.

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You guys need to up your 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes' game.

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Like Serrano said, health, tha's where it's at boys. Believe me. I'm a tad better off financially I reckon, but health took a down turn in October 2017. Retired last April 1st (hmmmm...., why they make me retire that day?!). All I can say is I've worked like a dog, sorry Rover, laying at me feet, all my life! Started at 7 years old cutting grass with a biscuit motor (left/right arms), paper boy, gas station, construction, Vietnam war (sorry Vietnamese people, but I only thought maybe the south could become free, prosperous, and democratic like South Korea did), then every kind of work there is just about. Let's hang in boys, we're gonna make it.

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@Gygene You beat me with the grass cutting jobs by 2 years, lol

Hope your health recovers this year.

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Im general, I find talking about finances to be very bourgeois and vulgar.

How very British of you ;)

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since Trumps USA first policy and subsequent tariffs, prices everywhere have gone up

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