Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year?

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I held back on gift giving last year and really restricted my spending on unneeded stuff. My self-control on spending loosened this year admittedly. Retail therapy is real.

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I got a raise but it didn't cover the inflation.

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Yes. I am single and all my money is mine.

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more work,less holidays,no travel abroad and reduced spending.

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it's been a good year for the rodster, my invests have gone up in value, life is good!

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No, my income collapsed, the tourism part entirely and the tech part partially, based on uncertainty and the semiconductor crunch. We qualified for some government help, but I still had to dip into savings.

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Yeah. Thanks to all the money printing globally, my foreign investments did well without me lifting a finger.

Could all go poof in a week though so don’t tax me for it yet.

I think all this money printing is bad policy and worsens inequality but one has to play the cards that are dealt…

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I'm just as poor as last year.

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I'm financially better off this year compared to last year. The primary reason is a self-restraint for my pleasure outside due to the continuous concern of virus outbreak. Thanks? to the situation, I have not used large amount of money causing it to be saved in the bank. When I look at the savings account, which I do not often check, I was surprised to see the sum of money! Even I did not use any bonuses for my pleasure this year. I actually want to purchase some products, but since I've accustomed to refrain from using money largely or something, I cannot put one step towards for shopping.

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Stock investments were a no-brainer this year -- unless you gave your money to Masayoshi Son. LOL.

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Worse off. Costs are higher, supply chains are crimped and prices have risen. Working more hours for less. Things will get worse in April when the government start making us pay for state pandemic spending. Lucky old Pfizer, eh?

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Better off. I changed jobs in 2021 and negotiated a 80% salary increase, putting me on about 8 million yen. Can't complain.

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It took over fifteen years for the lawyers to finish with it, but some of an inheritance eventually came through, finally. Some of it is still awaiting tax clearance, and there will apparently be a further demand for services rendered before everyone is satisfied.

This has eased things around here a little, and I was able to pass some of it on to others who can definitely use extra help. Apart from that not much change.

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I practically 10x my net worth thanks to suckers buying into the so called metaverse and NFT's. Thanks for the dough!

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I found a decent job but never got a promised raise & quit.

Best Christmas present ever

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@El Rata which metaverse and NFTs you selling? Have some more fake real estate or digital apes I could buy or have they all sold out? haha

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@El Rata which metaverse and NFTs you selling? Have some more fake real estate or digital apes I could buy or have they all sold out? haha

No Apes unfortunately but sold a couple of cryptopunks and a massive bag of Sandbox to suckers willing to waste obscene amounts of money on them.

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I left Japan a little over a year ago and am much better off financially than I was in Japan paying city tax, health insurance, pension and income tax

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No, my personals finances are on life support. The families UK farming business has taken a hit.

I supported the necessary medium term account management, payroll etc etc.

The agricultural, animal, veg retail will be in the black July August.

I am one of the lucky ones.

Many of my UK friends have lost there livelihood and homes.

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But the expenses raising 3 kids 1 in JR High and 2 in elementary are soaring.

Tool and die is going full steam. People need those parts for their old machines that can't be maufacturer ordered any more. An exampe: Had a paper miller in Takashima order a cog for a 97 yo paper roller. Iron and 52 cm in dia and weighs 14 kg. Took 32 hours to tool the thing.

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Work really starting picking up in the latter half of 2021, plus wasn't traveling back to hometown twice a year, or anywhere else outside of Japan for that matter, so it "feels" like the bank account is happier.

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Normally I go on an expensive long-haul holiday, but because of covid I haven't been able to do so for the last couple of years, so yes, I'm better off - but I would rather be having fun travelling rather than just building up my bank balance ... We should be enjoying life and not worrying about a trivial little virus.

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Bought a stock called Gamestop right about now...

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Yep thanks to Elon Musk.

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