Are you financially better off than you were this time last year?

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Yes, since I am working remotely and have lessened my night outs for the most part of this year. Although, I tend to stress-buy online more often this year, which kinda balanced things out.

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I lost money compare to last year.

This years bonus was canceled by my company, and because of Corona all my overseas business trips are canceled. So I lost this bonus too.

But I have to go every day personally to work, so my regular salary is still the same.

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No. Prices have gone up and income has gone down.

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Well let's see.

The government racked up more than 100 trillion yen in debt this year. So that's another 833,000 yen per person that has to be paid back by us tax payers somehow or another (inflation or higher taxes), so multiply that by the number of dependents one has plus one for oneself, to get a basic idea of the burden one will be under.

This is on top of the previously outstanding quaddrillion+ yen of debt that the government has previously racked up due to persistent deficits, about which nothing has been done.

And that is on top of the extra debt to be incurred upon us in future years, so long as the country refuses to reform the unsustainable pay-as-you-go pension scheme and other government spending programs that are rife with inefficiency and waste (it's stupid to tax me and then spend the money back on me but with some cuts taken out - should leave me with the money myself in the first place and I will spend my share on myself more efficiently than someone else will).

So the extent to which I am better off this year is moderated heavily by the increasing debt burden that is to eventually befall me.

Happy New Year!

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I left Japan in December last year and have been fully employed since. If I had stayed until April this year, which was my original intention, I would have been totally screwed.

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No, but I have acquaintances heavy in tech stocks and it has been a golden year for them.

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Fortunately nothing changed for me , working remotely and in the office as always. I count myself as extremely lucky !

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Home delivery is very expensive and one also loses the overlook with all those different cashless payment systems. Further, the GoTo campaigns and other attractive bonuses are very nice, but in return vaccuum-clean your remaining money out of the purse, too. lol Of course all the additional costs for corona masks, disinfectant, more frequent washing, cleaning and so on , not to forget additional home IT expenses, add up remarkably, too.

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Spending less on partying, trave!ing, etc and got some unexpected extra income.

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Went backward for a little bit, then things picked up again, so nominally a bit ahead of the same time last year.

But as fxgai said, the government's ongoing debt binge and terribly unsustainable pension system means we'll be paying for their corruption and incompetence for decades ahead, while crossing our fingers to see if there'll even be any funds in the kitty when retirement rolls around. Makes you question whether it's even worth paying into it instead of investing elsewhere.

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working from home remotely has saved me for sure, but on the other hand had I had 7 months paid time off due to CERB in my country I would have changed careers by now. I feel it was a wasted year and I'm no further ahead

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7 months paid time off due to CERB in my country


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Graduated and started a full-time job, so yes, finances definitely improved.

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All the petty redundant paperwork with Japanese bureaucrats finally finished, so with annuities and other financial aspects, plus a huge cash reserve as Japanese do that, definitely richer now than a year ago.

I do hope GoToTravel kicks in again. Been using it like crazy crazy time.

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Income roughly the same but investments have done very well this year

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7 months paid time off due to CERB in my country


Yeah me too I guess, I've been working the whole time. I can't complain really, I've had no work interruption at all, but I do envy the opportunity for change that I missed out on

If we ever convert CERB to a minimum UBI I'd be able to quit without penalty. For CERB or even just regular employment insurance (EI) benefits. which I've paid into, (max 45 weeks) I would still need to be let go. With EI the money is already set aside so there would be no budget issue. The gov't may be forced to allow that if the financial pressure continues into 2021.

They made CERB with weaker eligibility conditions but in either system if you quit there are no benefits. Either way I would have to have been forced out of work.

During this crisis we've added to the safety nets at least. I have one goal as a voter, to keep voting for people who support people.

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Quarter of my income disappeared for six months, only some of it has returned but prices have rocketed. Eg. weekly food shop used to average between £40 and £60.00 now hovers around £100.00 for the same shop.

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My stocks have Sky Rocketed with my Apple stock doing the best' About to become a Multi-Millionaire Yeah'

Time to buy that new Lexus :))

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Had another baby this year, so the Mrs isn’t working and expenses are up...

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No. of course. no salary raise and nice bonus I used to enjoy.

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No, but I've a much clearer picture for my business going forward.

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year ended better than expected.

no travel abroad,more time with family,wife,kids.

more work since clients did not travel for any vacations as well,so more sales more income-sure higher income tax too.

glad that this covid thing did not touch our lives,we are healthy and doing well.

sitting home now,enjoying familty time,homemade meals...

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For sure no.

Investments in assets are positive but any type of client based income is down.Using the internet to generate business has been a new direction this year but Japan is a complete write off for me and I am back to Europe this year.....

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I got maybe 70% of what I made last year.

Investments are nice but I don't really count on it as it comes and goes. If any crash will happen then the game will be over.

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