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Are you for or against the planned sale of U.S. Steel to Nippon Steel?

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For it, but it should face regular scrutiny for Chinese involvement and also stipulations that production in the US cannot be reduced from current levels.

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Against. Japan’s only way to stay economically relevant is by buying foreign companies due to lack of creativity, IP and knowledge in Japan. Also the shrinking domestic market.

Japan brings nothing to those companies except the purchase price.

might they take over management, bankruptcy is just a few years away as Japanese managers can not function outside of Japan or the Japanese system

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The shareholders should decide. Look at Japan? They have allowed US internet companies to dominate here (Google, Yahoo, Amazon and so on), as well as Apple, and even Tesla is making inroads. It is very hypocritical for the US to take this stance.

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For. Because Japan will show The USA how to do world best practice. They already showing them how world best practice is done in the Auto Industries

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For. The Japanese can show them how to operate an industry properly.

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Funny question.

Americans and Chinese are obviously against it, while Japanese are naturally for it.

Not sure what was the point of the question :)

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Against. Did you know that the Japanese Govt. has laws in place limiting foreign ownership in over 400 companies. The limit is 10%... most of those companies are industrial, one's exactly like U.S. Steel. Now if Japan allowed foreign ownership of its own industrial type companies I might agree.

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As a non-American with financial interests vested in Japan, it would likely have benefits to the Japanese economy, so I am for it.

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At the moment it is only in the planning stage. It probably won't happen. The time is long overdue for Japan to open up.

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don't care. Either way won't affect my family nor I

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Nothing will be decided until after the US presidential election.

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Not being an American I don't care

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Yes it should be fine. What goes around comes around. Our Canadian Algoma steel was bought up by an India company then later to USA so USA shouldn't be surprised if they have to sell to other parties too given all our respective trade relations. I would even hope with a Japanese company the quality would go up

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