Are you optimistic for Japan under the new Abe government?

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the Abe Government will be spending a lot to offset the problems of deflation. This will help in the long run.

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No, no, decidedly no.

He failed before.

The LDP are largely responsible for the mess Japan is in today.

He's a US sycophant.

He's pro nuclear.

He wants to build up the Japanese Self Defence Forces, change the constitution so that Japan can fight alongside its "American brothers" in further insane wars.

He's pro TPP which will bankrupt any country that joins it.

He's alienating his country against other Asian countries.

He's got a hell of a mess to clean up and I doubt he has the ability to do it.

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Everything Bertie said, apart from TPP which I'm still not sure about. Either way, I don't think Abe has what it takes. Or more to the point, he and his LDP cronies do have what it takes (a huge backing of the wrong kind of people) to do exactly what his election slogan said - put Japan back ten years.

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Thanks for the support!

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The fact is Japan has now got a disabled, gaffe-prone dud at the wheel for a second attempt at the job. Anyone of sane mind can not be optimistic.

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Hopefully, Abe has learned to keep his big, gaffe-filled mouth shut...

Say what you will about PM Noda, but at least it wasn't his mouth that did him in...

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who knows

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Well, in the short term expect business optimism, possibly some mild inflation and a huge amount of spending (read: printing of money and government bonds). So, hopefully a nice short term boost and a lot of concrete thrown around... happy businesses receiving massive handouts from their relatives and paid-for lackeys in the Diet. But also expect ever growing debt, deferred to an ever decreasing worker-base and tax payers. This debt will eventually cripple Japan. Hopefully the people who are instigating it will still be around to get their comeuppance

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Hopefully the people who are instigating it will still be around to get their comeuppance

I remember thinking that about Nakasone and Kanemaru.

But did it happen?


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What is this anyway,

Didn't he leave in disgrace 2 yrs ago? You invite a guy like that back? There really isn't ANY other able-bodied leader to call on??

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Are people already saying, "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him." Maybe only the "I didn't vote for him" people are responding to this survey. It should have been preceded by the question "Did you vote for Abe?"

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PM Abe wants to restart all of the design-flawed nuclear reactors within a month without repairing them. Tsuruga nuclear power plant is currently sitting on two active fault lines. When he restarts them the next earthquake or rain storm will cause a catastrophe. Any economy that depends on Japanese exports is in deep trouble.

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Ahhhh inflation and raising taxes. Brilliant move.

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noriyosan: Even amidst the Japanese only 40% or so voted; a pretty pathetic turnout. Foreigners CAN'T vote (probably because people like Abe would NEVER get a second chance!).

Anyway, Abe will be out before 2013 is through and game of musical chairs and bad politicians will continue here.

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It's a strange question. Optimistic about what? Personally, I am very concerned about how the LDP cronies are gonna repair something they broke over the past fifty years. They seem to only want to use the same old imperialistic and corrupt policies of the past, which can only lead to further degradation of the Japanese economy and quality of life. The world has changed a lot in the last fifty years, but these old jokers seem to have missed it. As sad as it is to say, I fear Japan is doomed under this right-winged imperialistic government. Japan needs to globalize and open its borders if it is to recover, but these old goons want to do exactly the opposite. Only doom and gloom from here folks!

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Nope. Abe is just another old out of touch guy who'll focus on useless things.

Japan needs YOUNG nationalism, like China is experiencing right now.

Flexible, pragmatic, and so widespread our liberals cower in fear at even speaking out.

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Abe was elected because the public wanted to punish the DPJ for going back on its promises. Given Abe the poison Abe is bring with him I give him 10 months.

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Who on JT is ever optimistic about anything anyway?

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Japan needs YOUNG nationalism


Really? Don't you remember what happened last time Japan got nationalistic?→WWII.  No more Pearl Harbors or Hiroshimas please.

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