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Are you optimistic for the Japanese economy this year?

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Even though the Tokyo Olympic ends up in success, we connot be optimistic for the economy, given the fact that the facilities for each game may go into the negative legacy.

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The elderly retirement wave is just getting started. Consumer demand has nowhere to go but down. Only Tokyo seems to be growing, or rather bursting at the seams.

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I haven't felt optimistic about the Japanese economy for the last two decades.

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With so much happening in Japan for 2020, it can only bode well for this year. Although, 2021 may be somewhat a disappointment with the end of those big events.

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Construction, retail, tourism and employment will all see a big boost due to the Olympics. Wages should see a big boost due to falling unemployment, which could hit just 1% by the Olympics.

The key will be continuing the big momentum into 2021.

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I haven't felt optimistic about the Japanese economy for the last two decades.


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When the government acknowledges the massive debt pile it's built up and comes up with a plan I'll feel more optimistic. Even if there's 'growth' or 'wage increases' you need to look at the rest if the economy as a whole. Short-term gains don't equal long-term success

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This economic stagnation has roots all the way from the 1990s after the Plaza Accord was signed which had a crippling effect on the Japanese economy.

Japan has lost trillions in wealth since then.

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

With Abe at the helm, the father of "abenomics," Japan doesn't have a hope in hell.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

with eyes on the Olympics it would be a smart idea to look for another place to live given the incoming demographic disasters and nuclear nightmares. Better at least have a backup

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Personally I cannot wait to see $1.00 = ¥150

That would represent the true reality of this weekend aging society.

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Not yet for bubble time but when it does, it blows out the big boom!

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