Are you sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon Go?

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Yes, but I do take comfort in the fact that in a month or so it will be old news and something else will be the must have or must do for a while.

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must have or must do

Must have, must do, must criticize.

Don't forget, this is JT, where everything deserves criticism.

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I'm more sick of hearing people complain than of the actual game and its players themselves. It seems to me that outside of large parks where people assemble the game is dying down from what it was in the beginning, and if you're not really looking for it you're not going to find much to complain about (unless you are a person who frequented said parks before the game and now feel your life has been intruded upon). In fact, there are many businesses that have benefitted -- far more than anything has been lost -- again, especially around said parks.

Most of the people complaining just need something to complain about, and this is an easy target. A neighbour of mine said he was glad our little park has no gym or spots, and said he goes to a larger park nearby and watches "all the young people" (forgets about the myriads of older people) wasting their lives glued to their phones and tablets. I was tempted to ask him why he wastes his life watching people he thinks are wasting theirs, since at the very least the people 'wasting their lives' seem not to think so and are enjoying themselves, but decided if the guy couldn't see it he wouldn't with me pointing it out.

Let people have their fun. If they're doing it legally and not bothering others (I mean reasonably... not the people who will be bothered just by the game's existence), who are we to tell them they cannot? Avoid listening to news about the subject when you can.

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Strangerland: "Don't forget, this is JT, where everything deserves criticism."

You'd know, with criticism like that.

I truly enjoy pointing out the negativity prevalent on this site, no matter what the topic.

Someone could post 'an old lady helped me the other day when I tripped and fell and my wallet fell down a storm drain', and people would criticize the old lady for being stupid enough to help someone in a country as violent and dangerous as Japan, at the same time as others would criticize the wallet dropper for being stupid enough to own a wallet in a country as violent and dangerous as Japan'.

The posters here as a group are a disgustingly negative group of people.

I agree with pretty much the rest of your post though.

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Polimon-what? Just returned from a long backpacking trip without any connectivity.

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No. Life is short, let people have their fun.

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I'm sick and tired of listening to people mope and weep over Pokemon Go. It's astonishing that there are so many miserable lowlifes out there who seem allergic to anything positive in the world

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I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to anything like this and I actually asked a younger member of staff what all the fuss was about and played it on his smartphone. I was told I was quite good at it. Not my thing but I'm sure listening to folk music wasn't his.

It's good for a 40-something lazy arse like me to try to appear in touch.

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I miss the answer choice "I don't care a bit".

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I'm sick of hearing about Trump saying stupid things and Clinton doing questionable things, North Korea and bad economic news.

Pokemon Go doesn't make my list.

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Of course I tired of hearing about it. It's a game, not a news item.

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I'm sick of people writing articles or people getting on the news and blaming their accidents on Pokemon when it's their smart-phone use that's the problem. People who play Pokemon are not new users of the smart-phone and more than likely been walking around and driving while using them. Suddenly blaming a new app or game for their distractions one gives that app free advertising, and two it attempts to take away from their responsibility of doing something they shouldn't have been doing.

Who gives a shit what you were doing when you killed yourself or someone else it does not matter. What matters is that you weren't supposed to be doing whatever in the first place, don't blame a silly game!

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I played it for a few weeks then just... stopped. Haven't played it since. I imagine most other people will do the same. "Hearing about it" will naturally tail off as well as some new "must have" app comes out.

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Anyone with so much free-time must not be working at a job. It looks like a great survey for someone to do. Go out on the street and ask the wandering players if they can name the prime minister. If they can, give that person 500 yen.

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Yes, but the hype seems to have died off. So I really just don't care anymore.

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I'm sick of hearing people whining about Pokemon Go.

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I'm sick of hearing people complaining about it. Who cares what people play, let them.

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Man, when you guys take the pulse of the zeitgeist, just where are you sticking your finger? Pokemon Go has been old news for anyone older than 7 and younger than 45 for weeks now.

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Summer daylight is over, and students are back to school and doing homework, so there's other things that's taking over people's time.

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Man, when you guys take the pulse of the zeitgeist, just where are you sticking your finger? Pokemon Go has been old news for anyone older than 7 and younger than 45 for weeks now.

It's only been out for weeks. It was released in Japan at the end of July, which is about six weeks ago.

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Most people here have already stopped playing, or play in passing (as it was meant to be played).

I haven't seen anyone obsessing over it in weeks...just the occasional pedestrian with nothing else to do while walking.

...so I'd say I'm probably more tired of the news making a big deal about it than the actual people playing.

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I'm more tired of aruki smafo who are impeding my commute, I don't care what it is they are looking at

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I work RIGHT NEXT TO a Pokemon stop or whatever they are called and people literally stand in the middle of the street playing this game, its unreal the level of Zombie-ism occuring near these locations. These "gamers" are completely oblivious to things around them and cars/bikers are liable if they get hit.

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I'm already tired of the people who say they are tired of the people who say they are tired of Pokemon Go.

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Pokemon Go has brought out the worst in Japan. They were already a zombies before the app came out, now they are literally clogging the streets.

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they are literally clogging the streets.

Really? Do you have a picture of this? Or are you misusing the word literally?

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