Are you worried about losing your job to a robot or some other form of automation?

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No, I worry about losing my job to a younger person who would take a lower salary.

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Losing my job to a smartphone app could happen but not in the immediate future. Given my luck, the app that would replace me will come out the day after I sign the contract to buy a house or something. :(

But there are also other concerns regarding job security. High on that list is Japan losing relevancy on the world stage...

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I have to have a job to lose first! :(

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Unless they find a robot or app that can take notes, answer the phone, print out masses of documents and photocopy others, run out to get milk, produce posters and publicity material on a whim... AND make tea I'd say my job was reasonable safe.

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Same here @Thunderbird2. I do that for my firm and more. I won't say I'm irreplaceable, but I cannot be replaced by a robot for at least 50 years. The tech doesn't yet exist.

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Job subject to offshoring and to dumbing down for younger workers but not to automation, yet.

Hopefully by the time they automate it the robotic factories will be churning out so much surplus that everyone will have a minimum guaranteed income and guaranteed retirement. I'll likely be long retired by then, though, or safely nested in my pod.

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Animatrix Lives

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Yes, I'm worried about losing my job as an English teacher to a CD player.

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Disillusioned. That's hilarious!

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Hard to lose it to a robot when my position was lost last week to the aether.

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WHAT job ?

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Even if it did happen, I see a lot of myself in them, so not too worried.

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Not exactly "robots" but "Online translations" haven't managed to "beat" me yet... Problem is, nobody seems to need me that much these days...

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Nope... because I think that a "robot" or "software" will take my job after the singularity.... and when that happens... I will probably will be connected so... nope.

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I think we native English speaking teachers are pretty safe as long as we are giving the students what they want. Japanese people seem to prefer face-to-face type lessons on the whole, the speed-learning thing hasn't really taken off here, for example. Even university students don't seem that keen on using technology to study. When I did a survey in my class a few years ago, the majority of students said that they prefered the 'old fashioned' approach i.e. teacher, handouts, board etc, rather than having computer-based classes. Also the extent of most students technological ability as regards learning English at the moment is just about managing to use the smart phone dictionary. Robot teachers? Nah.

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I don't think they will have computers that can run companies for a number of years to come, so I'm not worried now.

And when they do have computers that can run companies, I'll buy one to run my company and have a permanent vacation.

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Being a male secort (in my dreams) I am not concerned.

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If robots are the way to go, then I suggest learning robotics in school. If robots can learn to create their own one day, I'm sure there's other opportunities for humans then too.

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The transition would be seamless. There's not much difference between robots and a lot of the office workers I see around anyway!

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