As the world struggles to cope with the coronavirus, do you feel safer in Japan (if you live here), or would you prefer to be in your home country right now?

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I feel safer here because it is so much cleaner. Every men’s toilet at every train station has soap and alcohol spray. Nobody ever sneezes on me directly or coughs in my face. Tables are washed down at restaurants with chlorine solvents. And the trains allow for everyone to sit outspread man style and not be castigated. What could be more ideal?

Smiles, but I am staying. My kids are here. Got to help them out as they forgot to save for a rainy day.

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^ I hope you being sarcastic

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I live here so this is my 'home country'.

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My country is actually taking actions in order to try to slow down the spread of the virus, and therefore bend the curve. You can actually trust the politicians, the press, the police there, and you can get good quality health-care. All of this is currently quite the opposite from Japan.

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Would rather be in America but I wouldn't have medical insurance so...

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Can I take my vote back!

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Reading all of Tom’s post causes me to suspect it was sarcastic. Especially the ‘every men’s toilet has soap and alcohol spray.’ We’re lucky they started including toilet paper in the last ten years or so.

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Im from South Africa. Crime is rampid. Gun deaths are common. Police are corrupt. Racial fighting is a norm. But they closed down after 1 death. Japan is not taking this seriously. They are known for covering things up. The history in other countries about japan is not the same as in Japan itself.

i would rather be home in South Africa, in lock down mode, than be in Japan.

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Im so glad I'm not in Japan. The country is in denial, and is just hoping the virus will go away. That attitude is going to be proved very costly and deadly. Everyone stay home to stay safe.

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Well considering I live here and my husband and daughter are Japanese... I'm going to say Japan. I haven't lived in the US in like a decade.

It's not like America is handling it any better. I definitely don't think my daughter would be any safer in the US right now so, Japan it is.

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I am a Permanent Resident of Japan and have been here more than 20 years. This is my home.

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This is my home, so there's no question of me living anywhere except Japan. There is also no question that my country of origin (the UK) is handling the crisis considerably better than Japan.

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I don't have any money, job or home in Australia, so of course I'd prefer to be here. ...Also I can buy toilet paper here.

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This is my home country and has been for nearly three decades.

Are JT aiming this question at tourists?

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VinkeMar. 30 04:36 pm JST

.......... You can actually trust the politicians, the press, the police there, and you can get good quality health-care.

Wow you can trust politicians, the press and the police there ? In which magical land is this ?

Sounds Fantastical !

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I don’t know if I actually AM safer, but I FEEL so. Why? There is a decided lack of media driven hysteria here.

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Maybe a more interesting question would be which country is the best place to be at this moment in time.

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I 'feel' safer here...

whether it is or not is another matter.

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Australia went from laid back to a police state in a matter of days, where you can now be jailed for going to the beach. Japan seems reluctant to disturb people’s lives and livelihoods and the general harmony of the society. Only time will tell which approach was right.

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My home country is America. I live in Japan with my Japanese family. I love both countries and their people equally. If I could take my family into the mountains, far away from others, I'd feel safer, but that is not possible. So, we will continue to do all we can to remain as safe as possible here in Japan.

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With the current situation in the US I feel a lot safer here!!!

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