Can Japan play a role in bringing peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula?

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Best they stay out of it IMO

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probably just Korean schadenfreude

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They can only play a rule in ensuring it does not happen, which would benefit Abe and those who want to change the Constitution and use the instability on the peninsula as justification for remilitarization. That, and they still look at their neighbours with a view of inferiority.

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It's certainly not in Japan's interest for these two nations to unite, so it would probably be best if it was not involved.

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I think Japan is VERY threatened by the prospect of a united Korea. I'd find Japan's financial participation in Korea VERY suspicious. UNLESS ,invited to do so by Korea, I will totally disagree.

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Being Japan a country to spread a red carpet to all those countries relevant to sign the Peace Treaty of NK/SK, definitely YES!!

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Like it or not, Japan is inextricably linked to Korea and its history, and there are coommon problems between them. There are useful aspects to Japan that can help the two halves move towards each other. Even if they do not like Japan, and even if they would not admit it on the public stage, there is respect mixed in there among their other emotions. This would be a chance for all of them, and for Japan, but can it work?

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If Japanese government doesn't expect any benefits from them, Japan can become an important role.

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Not if they talk only about the abductions, they can't.

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It would be stupid for either Korea or any other player in the region to sideline Japan. What on earth do they hope to gain by doing that? Hostility at a time when the whole point is peace? Japan should maintain its current focus on enforcing sanctions and maintaining the pressure until a genuine breakthrough is achieved in writing and in physical actions. We haven't really seen that yet. Once that is achieved Japan should push for peace and seek to find a resolution on the abductee issue when the timing is right. Sidelining Japan is dumb. Its the third biggest economy in the world, a key U.S ally and in general a major player in Asia.

I don't go with the theory that Japan does not wish to see reunification. Why? They gain access to another 25 million people to sell stuff too. Is the theory that a united Korea will attack Japan? Give over. Japan is the number one U.S ally in the region. Every Western country will support Japan under any threat. Why start a war when the whole point of this exercise is peace?

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I often get the impression that Japan only persues a thing if it suites Japans own self interest. If there is no benefit in it for Japan, then Japan won't really bother with it.

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Sadly, that’s true of any nation on the planet.

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Japan can, but not when Abe is at the helm.

This guy will ruin anything.

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Why should "they (S. Korea, N. Korea, China and even the USA) want Japan to take any credit.

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Not with a man like Abe at the helm.

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If Abe and gang would stop bleating about "comfort women" statues, it might be possible. With politicians who could listen as well as pontificate it might be possible. Unfortunately Abe, Aso, etc., don't have these skills.

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The best thing is for Japan to butt out. After peace is achieved, and if North Korea has stabilized and wants diplomatic relations with Japan then maybe it could bring up the abductions. Until then, butt out. Opening your mouth could ruin everything.

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Peace in the Korean peninsula is not in the best interest of Japan, or at least Abe. So no, unless the next PM is a forward thinking visionary who genuinely attempts to mend ties with Korea.

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Japan, as an International power, should offer to help establish peaceful relationships in the region.

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Yes, but only under certain circumstances, especially economic. This would, however, mean that N. Korea make major changes before this happens. Giving up its nukes would and should also be on the table.

At the moment, no. In the near or distant future, yes...maybe.

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They can offer trade incentives and cultural exchanges to a unified Korea. Wouldn't do any harm.

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