Constant use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter isolate people from reality, according to some sociologists. Do you agree?


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I think sociologists are isolated from reality.

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Not the social media so much as simple phone addiction, of which social media use is just a part.

That being said, they are going to be talking about significance Trump's tweeting behaviour long after that bird has extinct, fake news and all.

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Ah, but did the sociologists publish their results online?

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I have seen dates sitting at tables in restaurants staring into their cell phones for an hour without talking to each other. I see parents with their kids staring into their cell phones not talking to their kids. And sometimes their little kids are staring into cell phones. That is going to lead to some bad result down the line.

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It helps against isolation and loneliness, for some, I guess.

But as gokai suggests; that over usage isn't a good thing. Especially when you're in a social situation. I used to turn my phone off when in social situations.

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