Do robots and AI lead to more job creation than they destroy?

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The evidence is mixed but it is certainly funnelling wealth to the already wealthy while creating and leaving more menial jobs. In the 1970s the promise of automation and the microchip was that we'd all only have to work a few hours a day but earn just as much. But that clearly took no account of the reward for the greediest inherent in capitalism.

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Absolutely funneling fortunes into the hands of the already wealthy and creating more menial jobs paying almost next to nothing.

It's Orwellian capitalism distopia.

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I voted yes BUT I think it will lead to more white collar jobs and less blue collar ones.

But it really is difficult to say. My best answer is time will tell.

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They are tools that will make the rich richer and life for the rest of us more isolated and poor. Every day is another step towards pod-life. You will live in a life pod, in a skybox apartment with thousands of others. Food will automatically be delivered to you by a robot, preapproved meal plans with no meat because it's bad for the environment, so you have a powdered cricket protein lump and nutrient paste. For work, if you are lucky enough to have a lot, youll log into your work from home station and answer enter numbers into spreadsheets all day. At night youll freeze in your bed because you've reached your gas and electricity quota for the month. Finally it's the weekend, of course you'll still need to work at least 5 days a week to afford this 'life', you decide to visit your hometown to see your parents. A driverless car will arrive at your building, your social anxiety will be so great due to lack of interaction with others that you'll break into a cold sweat just taking the elevator down to the ground floor, hoping you don't run into anyone. The driverless car has a tablet for you to enter your destination. I dropdown list of approved locations does not include your hometown. You enter the address manually ERROR NOT ENOUGH DISTANCE CREDITS, you need to do something outside at least so you choose one of the preapproved parks from the destination list ERROR PARK CURRENTLY AT MAXIMUM CAPACTIY so you choose the beach ERROR WATER CONTAMINATION LEVELS AT DANGEROUS LEVELS. You don't feel like going to the 'education center', which appears to be the only destination the car will take you. So you go back to your pod and watch 30 hours of advertising to build up distance credits.

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Rich people will starve the poor one by making them irrelevant and save their wealth for the future of their wealthy children and grandchildren. The middle class and poor echelons of society should be very VERY cautious and vigilant.

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The useless self-service tills and glitch-filled software seem to require at least two staff members (who have next to no idea how to rectify the computer anomalies) to supervise,so job creation,I reckon.

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Although I cannot say the exact reason why robots and AI will create more jobs than now, I'm sure they do. Some experts say they replace our current jobs, causing jobless for us. However, as AI and robots help us work efficiently, allowing us to use time for things which need our creativity. I think that depending too much on the uses of AI and robots for just our convenience will cause us jobless. On the other hand, we will be able to find new jobs and increase the ablility in a different field if we use them in a proper ways. How to use the convenient tools can change what we will be in the future.

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As technology continues to get better, finances and lives of most people keep getting worse and worse. People are working longer and longer hours, with less stability and less pay. The majority are living off their assets, if you are not born in a family with assets, then there's not going to be a job that can get you into middle class. I have no doubt that in 20 years, the majority will be in a worse state with the advancement of technology.

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It’s only a matter of time until we find ourselves living in a complete broken society, trying to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, only to realize that there’s no light, it’s all an illusion…

and we’re trapped…, we’re slaves and victims of the big corporations, power and money…;

AI will bring us (more) misery… but we cannot escape from it… (it’s like trying to resist the temptation of eating your favorite chocolate)… and everyone will know the meaning of depression and isolation…;

robots/AI lead to inequalities…, yes, they will create jobs, but not for us, normal folks, and not everyone will have access to advanced tech… (this is closely related to the fact that there are billions of people in the world…); this (dystopian) future is (relatively) near and cyberpunk will be a reality. Yes, the future ain’t pretty.

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Someone needs to oil the squeaky parts

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Of course it’s their only purpose to take monotonous or physically exhausting and hard or boring workloads from humans. If they ever will lead to more work and more jobs, we don’t need them at all.

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It will lead to less jobs being available because companies won't be paying a robot for work and they would already not be paying a person wages or pension. The lie that robots and ai will create jobs is just a cover for people to be fine with the changes. No thanks.

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Still too early to tell.

Wait till AI sentience, or something.

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On the front end AI leads to more job creation... heck, just the programming alone requires millions to billions of man hours. But once AI really gets good, Call Centers and Customer Support will all be like HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey. No need to push "2" for sales or "3" for customer support. You can talk to the robot. Also, the Robot can probably handle like 10,000 calls simultaneously. The biggest winners will be the big boys, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, SAS and Nividia. 10 to 20 years from now talking to a human will only show that the company is behind the times. People overall may prefer the Bots. They'll probably even program the Bot to pickup on your accent and talk back to you with the same one. Damn, the possibilities are just endless. But you may not have a job... I mean, what industries will be created off of this technology that do not currently exist? Now, if AI design a better battery, one 10 times better than now, or if AI can figure out anti-gravity, well then you've got about 100 years of new industries and products coming and plenty of jobs.

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It's only a short matter of time before current AI systems will be able to program their own more advanced versions. It will be the next great advancement of humankind, after the internet.

Robots will still be a while, but when AI, paired with robots are put into the hands of the RIGHT corporations, prices on just about everything will decrease drastically. The entire world will live in a utopian state. With that said, jobs will always be changing and advancing. People will need to fulfill completely new positions and jobs based on the way things change. I don't think jobs available will ever decline, new ones will appear in new advanced sectors. The ones people don't want to do anymore will be automated and done safer.

It's all wins in my eyes. Especially with plans of humans becoming an interplanetary species.

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I have never believed in a dystopian future, but I am beginning to!

The industrial revolution ultimately created more though different jobs and eventually wealthier and better lives for the majority, the digital revolution was touted as the next great step that would do the same, however it hasn’t worked out that way. While destroying existing industries in many sectors the alternatives have been employment light and such jobs as have been created are often menial, insecure and lowly paid.

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Rich people can’t exist without poor people, poor people make which people rich. If rich people had to work they will fail miserably because they are use to paying someone to do things for them. That includes thinking!!

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That would beat the point of AI in the first place hehe. As someone in the art field where it's rapidly progressing, I know many companies using it in ways where it can't be seen to the public, but it's taking away future jobs. Most concept artists for example are not making illustration meant to be shown to the public, most work is rough concept art that is only done to better visualize the idea guys vision, the really rough stages of this process can easily be replaced, so instead of having 10 people on the job you can have one that refines the result of what ever AI puts out.

Now people would say that there will be jobs for people that handle the AI part of the job. Sadly people underestimate how easy and fast this process is, and I doubt any jobs will be created for this, either the idea guys themselves will do this or the lone concept artist will.

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