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Do you agree with Japan's decision to provide financial and other aid to Libya and South Sudan?

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It's too late for Japan to try to get in good with the Libyans. Japan didn't help them to be free of a dictator. Japan wants some of the spoils of war and they think they can buy their way to it.

Take the money though. You don't have to give it back. If Japan wanted to collect it couldn't anyway.

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Why don't the countries that caused the damage make up for what they did?

The U.S.A., U.K., France and several other NATO countries.

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Lets first see what kind of government and law these coutries have. I heard that Libia is introducing the Sharia law as their legal basis.

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If it is Sharia Law then freeze their assets in Japan.

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Banks control countries and not the other way around..... Hence, the only reason G8 nations are falling over themselves to help is so that they can set up the 'National Bank of Libiya' on their terms and start lending, lending, lending. Then they'll introduce 'Fractional Reserve Lending' and the 'Debt Money System' will take over. The very same system which is causing every country in the world to slowly drown in debt. The only people who will benefit are the anonymous (i.e. secretive) owners of the worlds central banks (Yes this includes the US Federal Reserve too - privately owned, but by who nobody knows)....

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@ johninnaha

I agree. The NATO's job is to protect civillians. They didn't do that. They only chose the side of the rebels and started bombarding the city. The NATO countries need pay for the damage they caused.

I quote: "The resolution, adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter:

demands the immediate establishment of a ceasefire and a complete end to violence and all attacks against, and abuses of, civilians; [..] authorises all necessary means to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas, except for a "foreign occupation force"; [..]"

North Atlantic Terrorist Organization would be a better name.

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How you can say NO.. You are also a foreigner..while surviving in Japan. This is ridiculous... ha haa ...

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Japan depends on resources from these countries, if not directly then indirectly through price fluctuations. A stable supply can only be provided when these countries become politically stable. Hence it must be Japans interest to contribute to political stability.

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Helping people make a new start is a good thing. I'd rather Japan sent money to help these countries than spend it on whaling.

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When Japan gets its economy back, then send the money. Invest in Japan first, and the world will benefit later.

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How about NATO not even being in Libya in the first place? Even with the newest and flashiest bombs, there always will be collateral damage.

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Why are Libya and Sudan clumped together, they are separate issues.

What does the "other" mean in "other aid". Are you referring to Japanese troops being dispatched to the Sudan?

These types of open and unclear questions are often used to skew public opinion. After this poll is taken one can say;

"The majority of respondents said that they agreed with the Japanese military being dispatched to the Sudan."

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I agree. The NATO's job is to protect civillians. They didn't do that. They only chose the side of the rebels and started bombarding the city.

They chose the side of the civilians that Gaddafi was trying to murder. Far fewer people died at the hand of NATO weapons than would have been slaughtered if the Free Libyan forces had been defeated. Gaddafi promised to turn Cyrenaica into a bloodbath and incited his own supporters to murder anyone they suspected of being against the regime.

What the UK and other NATO countries that took part was courageous. It would have been much easier to wring their hands and click their tongues at the murder of civilians but do nothing. They took a gamble that an air campaign could help because doing nothing was worse. It paid off. So, if anything, those countries that didn't help defend Libyan civilians should pay for reconstruction because the NATO participants in the air campaign have already spent large amounts of money.

And why on earth shouldn't Japan help countries in need of help anyway?

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How about giving some of that money to the people up in Tohoku who have lost their livlihoods.

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How about giving some of that money to the people up in Tohoku who have lost their livlihoods.

With all due respect, they've got their own budget coming their way. I don't see why a disaster, even a great one like what happened there, means that not a single yen can be spent overseas. People in Tohoku are trying to rebuild their lives, but in other parts of the world they're simply trying to survive or build a working country to live in.

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Weekend Samurai. I understand what you are saying but are you under the assumption that most people in Tohoku who were affected are being adequately compensated? Most are getting nothing. And if you don't want to take the risk of your kids living in radiation, you have to move at your own expense. Most people cannot afford to move so they stay and live in radiation. Would you be satisfied in this situation? Would you not want your own country to support you before those of another country? I am not saying they should not support the developing world again in the future but their own people need help right now. My family and I had to move out of Fukushima at our own expense and now we are unemployed and living with the support of others.

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@Onniyama and Shumatsu_Samurai

I think you are both correct. I see it this way-

Save lives first - so Sudan takes first priority.

Then help the people in Tohoku. Although not starving or being shot at, a lot need significant help to get back on their feet.

As for Libya, help them by all means but it's really up to them to help themselves in the long run. They got rid of frizzhead - that's a very good start.

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no -_-

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