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Do you agree with the decision by some musicians and groups to cancel or suspend part of their European tour following last week's suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester?

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I voted no, but only because saying yes is like bowing down to daesh and their ilk. It makes them think they are winning by terrorizing people. However if the musicians did cancel, not for their own safety, but perhaps because of another attack I can understand that. But then you should just stop playing music altogether, because what you are playing goes against what they like and whether you play now as intended or play five months from now, you will always be a target. So there really is no point in canceling.

Also daesh claimed responsibility, but this could of just been a sick individual. But from the moment I read her tour name "Dangerous Woman" I knew this could be some thing from daesh, since women should stay home, be subservant and obedient in their mind.

However these punks are so desparate they would claim responsibilty if a man slipped on a banana peel and feel to his death. "Oh! Oh! Oh! We did that!? We claim it!" (sighs...)

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A good rule of thumb to follow in questions like this is that if you aren't a stakeholder or taking comparable risks yourself and responsible for the outcome of those risks, your opinion just plain doesn't matter.

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Katsu - That said, perhaps the question should be re-phrased to ask if you would go to a concert in the UK/Europe after what just transpired?

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I voted no, otherwise you are giving in to the terrorists and they achieve what they set out to gain. I lived in London through the IRA bombing campaign and was in the vicinity of 2 bombs, when the trains and buses were blown up by chance I had a visit to friends in London arranged for the next day, went ahead despite some peoples fears. Not anywhere near Manchester but were I then I would make a point of going ahead with what ever I had planned and going anywhere I wanted to. To do otherwise is to encourage the fear these sick murderers seek to spread.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

If the question is would I go to another scheduled concert shortly after the first bombing, the answer is yes. But I hate concerts, even free ones, but I would make the exception just to show my defiance.

But let me clarify my statement from earlier. The tour should not be canceled, but oviously you want to make sure there are no other bombs at the grounds from earlier. But to be honest, the chances of another terror attack so early is very unlikely, especially with heightened security. It is much more likely to happen months from now or at another event, not at the same one.

But again, whether you continue as scheduled (give or take a few days for police to do their investigation of course) or cancel the tour now due to fear and come back only months later, you might as well just become a farmer or some other layman that does not offend radicals. Because no matter who or where you are, you have the possibilty of being targeted.

And as far as other people fearing going to another concert, you might as well just lock yourselves in doors and never leave, never answer the phone, never read your mail and never open your door because you have the possibility of being targeted, or getting in a car crash or being run over by a drunk driver.

Continue as you had before with a stiff upper lip as they say. Maybe become a little more alert, show a little more love, but don't hate. Other wise you are just doing Daesh's job for them.

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No. A million times no. I was disgusted with musicians who cancelled Japanese tours follwing th 3/11 earthquake and I was likewise extremely disappointed when that utter wuss Ian McCulloch pulled out of his Japanese shows a few weeks back because of the 'impending' nuclear war with North Korea. Seriously, whatever happened to The Show Must Go On...??


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Entirely up to them. Some people get the jitters, some don't. Was the same in NI/6 counties for many a year, some artists were too afraid to perform there. Understandable.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Tokyo-Engr Today  12:39 pm JST

Katsu - That said, perhaps the question should be re-phrased to ask if you would go to a concert in the UK/Europe after what just transpired?

Yeah, that would be a totally reasonable question that gives posters the chance to sound off their opinions in a respectful way. As the original question is worded, at best it is an invitation for people to make uninformed demands of performers they've never met; at worst, it's an attempt to stimulate a flame war.

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Make do the police's work and enjoy the music

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No. If anything, there should be a concert held in memory of those that died.

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@Sqeeks, Ariana Grande is to hold another concert in Manchester for the victims and their families - good on her.

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Wasn't clear, trains and buses referred to the attacks in 2005.

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I've performed in arenas full of crazy fans, and after reading this poll decided to ask my old band-mates what they thought. Three of the five of us said we'd continue performing; the other two were leery about it. But we ran a democratic band, and after considerable consideration of fans, us, and the point of the poll, we all shared a few beers and said, 'Let's do it.' Of course, we don't have to do it anymore, we're retired. But we still see the points taken by performers as their right to decide.

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Hitobito no seimei wa eien ga nai. I vote yes because life shouldn't be toy with concerts and big events = danger, thousands dead. No risk no life taken until they solve mass murder problem then fun should come back but since it is not happening so fast i vote yes, hai.

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